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9 Simple Fashion Rules For a Stylish You

9 Simple Fashion Rules For a Stylish You

1 – Dress to flatter your figure. Make sure everything you wear fits properly, it should glide over your curves not cling to them. Don’t ever wear anything that puckers, pulls or hangs on you.

2 – Dressing in one color head to toe can make you look longer and leaner. Two totally different colors can make you look wider and shorter. Darker colors will be more slimming.

3 – Choose prints that are in proportion with your size, small prints if you’re petite and bigger prints if you’re taller or larger. Vertical lines are more flattering than horizontal lines.

4 – If you are short waisted wear a lower waistline and if you are long waisted wear a higher waistline. (measure between bottom rib and top of hipbone, less than 4 inches you are short waisted, more than 4 long waisted.)

5 – Good posture can make anyone’s clothing look and fit better.

6 – A great haircut is a must for good style.

7 – Show off your best features, if you have great legs dress to show them off in a short skirt or a longer one with a slit up the side. Great arms go sleeveless. Etc.

8 – Don’t go overboard on trendy items. Stick with the classics and incorporate one or two of the latest fashions into your wardrobe. Make sure that it is an item that suits you and that you feel comfortable in. Just because it is the latest thing doesn’t mean it is right for you.

9 – Smile, smile, smile. A great smile makes everyone look fabulous!

Follow these simple rules and you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!