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How to Choose Prom Dresses in the Right Way

How to Choose Prom Dresses in the Right Way

Choosing among the different prom dresses is not always easy given the wide assortment of dresses that you can find in shops. Moreover you will also need the one that matches your body, skin and personality. It is the main reason why I always suggest people to start their research for the dress will beforehand.

Below you will find some tips that will help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing the perfect dress.

Color influence

Your skin tone will influence a great deal your choice of dress

> For dark skin: Go for light color: white, yellow, green or pink will go well. You should avoid dark colored dress such as a totally black one.

> For those with light skin: It is best to avoid white and yellow colors which are not very attractive on white skin. Personally I will advise you to go for red which is very trendy at the moment.

Play on your strength

> For those that have large chest it is advised to go for v-necks in order to draw attention away from your breast. You should also choose your sleeves with care. Do not go for sleeveless dress as it will only draw attention to your chest.

> In case you have some belly you should avoid materials such as satin and silk which can show the slightest flaws. Choose a straight dress or empire waist dresses and avoid bent at the waist: they may mark your belly or any love handles.

Always make sure that you choose something that is actually appropriate for your skin tone and also your body. Do not go for prom dresses that are merely fashionable but that will not look good on you.