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Save by Ordering Pantry Items Online

Save by Ordering Pantry Items Online

While online shopping is becoming more and more popular, many shoppers do not realize the savings that can be had by buying non-perishable food items online. Whether you are buying in bulk, or just looking for enough to last a week or two, many websites offer much lower prices than one can find in a local grocery store. In addition to better prices, most online stores offer more options in terms of brands, flavors and sizes than their brick and mortar counterparts.

One of the best items to order online is coffee. Many customers find themselves paying as much as $10 a pound for their favorite coffee brands and roasts. However, with online coffee deals, shoppers can save as much as 70% per pound. To save on shipping costs, consider ordering enough to last for a least a few months. Most coffee beans will last almost a year before they begin to lose flavor, and storing them in air tight containers can extend their life even longer.

Spices are another item on which online shoppers can save big. Most discount spice distributors can charge far less than other retailers because they purchase spices in bulk and package them themselves. To find the best prices, order large bags of spices and use them to refill any empty containers that are lying around your kitchen. You will not only be eliminating waste, you will be saving a great deal of money by forgoing the cost of packaging.

Many websites offer huge selections of popular dinner and dessert mixes. Again, the best prices can often be realized by those who buy a case at a time. However, many sites that sell overstock goods will offer first quality merchandise at half off retail prices.

Those who are already fans of online shopping will love the convenience and savings that can be found by purchasing pantry items like coffee online.