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Shopping at Guangzhou’s Grandview Mall

Shopping at Guangzhou’s Grandview Mall

If you are planning to shop in Guangzhou China, then you can’t miss the Grandview Mall. In 2007, the Forbes magazine brought out an edition covering 10 largest shopping malls in the world, and yes, they did not miss this star attraction of Guangzhou. That’s not surprising considering that we are talking about the largest shopping mall in Asia that occupies an area of 420,000 square meters. Thanks to this mall, shopping in Guangzhou becomes a real bliss.

Apart from the branded shops and good quality restaurants perched in the Grandview Mall, what will grab your eyes is the excellent management work done by the mall managers. In fact, this place is well known for its management expertise. As per the comments of the Vice Director of the mall’s marketing department – Mr. Liang Lan, the mall gives much stress on management and orientation to capture the attention of the consumers. So far, it seems that the whole strategy has worked quite well.

The Grandview Mall was opened to the public in the year 2005, and by 2007, it experienced 400,000 visitors per day. The shops that are available in the mall premises today include both national and international brands. Its partnership with the Great European Department Store has made the inclusion of international brands much easier. This shopping mall also houses Feiyang Cinema, one of the well known movie halls in the city.

The Grandview Mall is located in Tianhe Central Business District. It is pretty close to the subway station at Tiyu Xi, and the city’s East Railway Station too is located nearby. In fact, within the Grandview complex, you will also find a five star hotel with its 48-storey structure. There is also an office building. Thanks to its location at the junction of the Tiyu Road East and the Tianhe Road, one can access the mall quite easily from any part of the city.

You can buy items for home d?�cor from the Canadian brand Pretty Valley, located inside the Grandview Mall. The shop also has some good collection of beauty and body care products. You can buy miniature Chinese boxes to keep your cosmetics, or can purchase a bottle of good quality fragrances.

If you want to buy some toys for the youngest member of your family, then there is a toy store at the 5th floor of the mall. The shop keeps the toys of all big brands like Lego and Hasbro among others. This floor also houses other stores selling children’s garments and books.

So, indulge in a shopping spree while you are in Guangzhou China. A warning though – ensure a time check routine as once you are inside, you may lose the track of time.