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Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai Have Everything to Offer

Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai Have Everything to Offer

Chiang Mai in Thailand evokes images of a traditional city with the local markets flooded with handicrafts, Thai silk, wood figurines and so on. But Chiang Mai has a lot more to offer than that. The two shopping malls in Chiang Mai boast of all the facilities that come with a modern shopping center. In addition to this, it also has sophisticated shopping plazas in different parts of the city.

The Airport Plaza, which is located quite near to the airport, is well connected by public transport and is easy to reach. Of the two shopping malls in the city, this mall is the bigger one and offers a wide range of international brands. This mall houses Robinsons, McDonalds, Watsons, The Body Shop, to name just a few of the brands available here. In addition to this, the Northern Village has a wide selection of Thai handicrafts. You can be sure of good quality products here unlike the local markets. Along with this, it has a section devoted to IT and electronics with Sony, LG, Apple and others having their own outlets. Of course, an essential part of a shopping mall, the Cineplex, is also there for cinema lovers. Here you will find both Thai as well as English movies on show. No shopping mall can be complete without a good food section and the Airport Plaza is no exception. So, whether your tastes range from Western food to Thai food, you will find everything here. If you are looking for not only international goods but also quality local handicrafts, then the Airport Plaza should be your first choice.

The second shopping mall is the Kad Suan Kaew, which may not be as bright and glittery as the Airport Plaza, yet has a different charm of its own. Decorated in traditional Thai Style it exudes a very calm atmosphere. The layout of the place seems a bit confusing in the beginning but one soon gets familiar with it. More centrally located than the Airport Plaza, it is immensely popular among local youngsters. It has the Central Department Store, Marks and Spencers, Tops Supermarket and so on. For the food lovers there is the Food Court, Sizzler’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and many others offering both Western and Thai cuisine. Kad Suan Kaew also has a multiple screen cinema that puts up both Thai and English movies. However, Thai movies are more predominant here. The mall also has a hotel connected to it, which makes it very easy for its guests to shop around in the mall’s cool interior.