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Surveillance Cameras in Malls Are Necessary

Surveillance Cameras in Malls Are Necessary

Mall areas that have access to large number of people all at a time must have surveillance cameras. These are places that are most prone to criminal activity. In shopping malls, a large number of people gather, because of the benefit of variety of stores under the same roof. So you cannot differentiate a criminal if he intermingles with the shoppers. Surveillance cameras are thus very necessary in shopping malls.

Nowadays shopping malls are spread across a lot of area. It has multiple floors, with various facilities as movie theatres, restaurants and gaming zones. Security people may not be able to deal with. So it is most logical to have cameras installed in various areas and a small crew working behind the cameras.

The most common thefts are of costly goods and money from shoppers. The surveillance camera can at once record suspicious activity and control thefts and pick pocketing. It can also help in solving kidnapping or murder cases. I can cite you an example- in Mumbai, India, a journalist was shot from point blank range in front of a departmental store in Powai. The CCTV footage from the surveillance camera of the departmental store gave the pictures of the murderers, thereby providing key evidence to the investigation.

Not just helping in criminal activity, the surveillance cameras increase the sense of security of the customers. The customers stand assured that no one can escape by misbehaving with them. Employee activity can also be monitored, and the employees will be cautious that they have to do their jobs properly. Not just the employees, even the thieves are cautious that they might get caught, and may abstain from criminal activity.

It is also very important to install the cameras at proper places. Because of the expanse of the mall, security can be a challenging task. It gets harder if it has a way to get connected to public transport or has a large parking area. Also all malls have restricted areas and staircases out of view. The surveillance cameras can solve the problem easily and fast. The cameras can find out the exact location of criminal activity and have security sent to that specific area.

When you have the mall installed with close-circuit cameras, do remember to have them invariably at the entry and exit. Apart from this, parking lots are also to be monitored because a lot of criminal activity takes place there. Staircases that are out of sight must have cameras. Big lobbies, food courts, places that hold big gathering of people, must have surveillance. Loading and unloading areas are also prone to criminal activity and should be monitored.

Nowadays smart cameras are available that can detect any unclaimed object. Install them in food courts, and lobbies. Cameras with motion sensors are also more preferable in entries and exits.

Surveillance cameras are often under accusation of being misused but noting its myriad benefits, this accusation does not stand too strong. Surveillance cameras for malls are a must!