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The New Lebron 9 Black/White

The New Lebron 9 Black/White

Do you see the world in black and white? In other words, is there a right and wrong for every situation you run into? There is absolutely no grey area in your world. If so, there is now another basketball that is perfect for you. The new colorway of the LeBron 9 is as you may have guessed, is a Black/White version. No grey area here. This shoe is either right or wrong for you. Chances are, it is right because you just really can’t go wrong with this colorway.

This new colorway of the LeBron 9 should not be confused with the “Home” colorway of the Miami Heat that we have seen recently. Although similar, this new shoe definitely holds it’s own. It will work perfectly with the home uniforms of the Miami Heat. Black is featured on the majority of the shoe’s synthetic upper. White is also used on the upper to contrast the shoe nicely. The White accents run along the toe and surround the lateral parts of the shoe. White also takes care of the Swoosh, laces, and solid rubber outsole. A very unique design pattern on the inner lining is also done in Black and White. Sport Red is used sparingly as small color hits on the pull tab and lace logo. Don’t worry, these red portions are barely noticeable. This is most definitely a Black and White shoe.

This new colorway will not differ from the performance standards that any of the other LeBron 9 shoes were built with. Nike Hyperfuse is used as a woven-like mesh on the mid and back portions of the upper. The front portion of the shoe uses Nike Flywire. The new LeBron shoe is the first sneaker that has ever used both Hyperfuse and Flywire on a shoe’s upper. All this does is create an unparalleled feeling of support and breathablity in a durable lightweight ride. Finally, a Nike Max Air unit is used in the heel and allows for maximum impact protection. This shoe would sure like nice on the feet of LeBron. It would look sick on an NBA court. As it stands now, this may not happen. At least not in the near future.

Talks between NBA owners and players continue to take place with no agreement is sight. Yes, the NBA lockout has now reached day 110 and there is no end in sight. NBA Commishinor David Stern has already cancelled the first 100 games of the upcoming regular season. Apparently when who is going to make the most money in professional sports is the issue, there is no right and wrong. No black and white. Just a grey area full of egos and greed.

LeBron may be unable to rock this new colorway this season but that doesn’t mean you can’t. There is no lockout of Nike shoes for basketball. And the new LeBron 9 certainly can’t be locked out. Sneakerheads worldwide will always be able to cop a pair of their favorite kicks. There’s your black and white.