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Where Does The Name ‘babydoll’ Come From?

A babydoll is a kind of lingerie that is very popular with young girls. It is a short style like the nightgown or negligee that is worn to bed. Babydolls are usually decorated with lace, faux fur, ruffles, bows and ribbons. Most babydoll are made of chiffon, silk or nylon and are sheer or see-through. The name of babydoll comes from the length of the hemline, which is around six inches above the knees. It looks similar to a mini-dress.

The babydoll became popular after a movie named with “Baby Doll”. It is an old movie that came out in 1956. Carroll Baker acted a sexy 19-year-old virgin. That style of nightgown she wore in the movie soon became a “must have” for many women. As a matter of fact, during 1930s and 1940s, women just had started to wear short bed-jackets trimmed with lace and an array of bed-capes,

Afterwards, the babydoll was made into a short dress that could be worn at day time. Due to the special style that made people think of youthfulness and innocence, more and more young people began to wear them. Some styles of the babydoll are similar to what dolls wear. When wearing it, the buttocks can be easily seen, so you will look extremely sexy.

Today, the babydoll is probably the most popular form of lingerie, the sexiest style. The short hemline makes your legs appear to be much longer, and if you do not want to be completely exposed on the bottom part of your body, you can wear the matching panty accompanying the gown. If you do not like too sexy style, also there are a lot of elegant styles available.