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Month: January 2023

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Shopping Malls Vs Online Shopping – Which Is Better?

Shopping Malls Vs Online Shopping – Which Is Better?

For many years, a shopping mall was the center of all shopping activity for many people. However, with technology came online shopping, which in many ways, revolutionized the way people shop and do business. Many businesses adopted this new trend by setting up online stores to complement their physical stores. Currently, the decision to visit the local mall or shop online is a matter of personal preference, and the reasons for preferring one mode of shopping to the other vary, depending on who you ask. Below is a brief comparison of these two concepts.

The Similarity between the Shopping mall and an Online Store

The one thing these venues and online stores have in common is the wide variety of products and services that you can find in one place. The concept behind malls is to have an all-under-one roof design, whereby different vendors, retailers, service providers and other businesses can offer their products and services. Therefore, shoppers don’t have to move from one location to another, trying to find a particular brand or business.

Some of the common facilities that you can find in one of these venues include grocery stores, fast food outlets, cinema halls, supermarkets, banks, gaming arcades, electronic stores, and many more. The same concept applies to online shopping, though in a virtual state. Online shopping allows you to conveniently shop from multiple stores, simultaneously. However, online shopping has a slight advantage in that the range of products and services offered are limitless, whereas the shopping mall has to deal with space constraints.

The Advantages of Shopping Malls over Online Stores

Buying your stuff from the shopping mall is ideal, especially when it comes to buying personal effects such as clothing and jewelry. Some items require you to first, try them on, before you can buy. Buying clothes, underwear, jewelry and other personal effects, online, poses various challenges. First, it may not be possible to tell the exact color, size, and texture, among other attributes. When it comes to other items such as watches and jewelry, it may be impossible to verify the authenticity. Even though these attributes may be indicated, and some images of the items posted online, it is only through visiting the shopping mall that you can try out an item, verify the authenticity, and be satisfied before buying.

With the wide range of facilities that are physically available in these malls, you can take your family along to have a treat. You may choose to do an all-inclusive family shopping, grab something to eat in the restaurants, take your children to the video game arcades, watch a movie, visit the beauty salon, pay some bills, among other activities. With online stores, you can just shop.

The Advantages of Online Stores over Shopping Malls

Many people have busy schedules, hence finding the time to go to the mall, whether alone or with their families is impossible. You need considerable energy and time to go shopping. Apart from this, getting stuck up in traffic, having to wade through crowds of people, or having to deal with the hustle and bustle of children running around in the shopping mall is not the ideal shopping experience that some people would like. For this reason, they would rather stay at home and shop online, since it is more convenient. The comfort of your home or office, as well as the considerable time-saving is appealing to many shoppers.

In summary, both concepts seem to have their share of advantages and disadvantages. As such, the decision to shop either online or visit the shopping mall lies with individual circumstances, as well as preference.…

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Designer Clothing on a Budget

Designer Clothing on a Budget

If you love watching shows like “Project Runway” and “The Fashion Show,” and if you love flipping through the pages of fashion magazines like “Vogue,” then chances are you are a bit of a “fashionista” and you would love to learn more about designer clothing and what to look for when shopping for designer clothes.

The first thing to consider is your budget. How much money do you have to spend on a dress or any other garment made by a top designer? Don’t operate under the assumption that all designer clothing is terribly expensive, because sometimes you can get some really great deals, even on haute couture clothing made by some of the most celebrated designers in the world.

As you may also know, there are lots of big name designers (such as Isaac Mizrahi) who have ventured into the world of designing clothes that are not outrageously expensive in the least for stores such as Target. What this indicates is that not all big name designers are focused on designing attractive, wearable clothing only for people with the biggest budgets. They want to bring their sophisticated sensibilities to everything they design, including the garments they make for stores like Target. This “opening up” of the fashion industry can only bode well for active consumers (and potential consumers) of designer clothing with clothing budgets of all sizes.

And when you think about it, why should designer clothes only be available to people with massive amounts of money to spend? Everyone likes to dress well and look chic and well put together, so it is very refreshing to realize that so many of the top tier designers are finally recognizing this important fact and actually doing something about it.…

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Get Your Online Store Up and Running in One Hour at Low Cost

The internet generates more money and business every year, it is now a big part of the global economy. From the multi-billion dollar corporation to the store next door everyone is getting a piece of the world wild pie. The following text has one goal and it is to demystify everything involving the creation of an online store and perhaps give you the motivation to set up your own.
The first thing you need to know about setting up a E-Commerce is that it’s very cheap, in fact its free if you already have a web hosting account that support MySQL database and plan on using PayPal as payment method. If you don’t have a domain name you can get one for 7$ a year and a web hosting account for less than 10$ a month. I strongly suggest you to get a hosting service that come with fantastico, the installation process will be much more faster and easier. If you plan on getting direct credit cards payment you need to buy a SSL certificate, if your server doesn’t have one, this is usually around 50$ a year. Note that you can take credit card payments with PayPal without having to buy a SSL certificate.
OK now you have your web hosting account and a domain name next step is the installation. If you have fantastico, on your hosting panel (cPanel) you just need to select one of the three supported store (cubecart, Os Commerce and Zen Cart). Each store have there advantages. I personally use Zen cart because of the payments method options. Next you need to choose the domain name and directory where you want the store to be installed. You will be asked to choose a username and password and then you click install, that’s it. If you don’t have fantastico, first check if your hosting company has E-Commerce support, if not you just need to go directly to one of the store website and download the files for free and follow there installation tutorial. If you experience any problems during or after the installation you can always get help in there community forum.
Finally you need to setup your store, to do so you will have to login into your E-Commerce as an administrator. The first thing to do is to choose how you gonna receive payments from your customers. There are many options, for example in Zen Cart 1.3.8 just to name a few, you have PayPal Website Payments (With credit card support), e-check, (SIM), Check/Money order, you can add as many you want. If you gonna ship items you also have many options such as flat fee, per items, zone rates etc. At last you need to add your products in the catalog with the description, price and picture Et Voilà your store is up and running. There are many other settings however those are the main one to get use to in the beginning.…

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Gift For Your Girlfriend

Every year with the approaching of Christmas or your girlfriend’s birthday, the usual pain to find the perfect gift starts. Every year it becomes harder and harder to find the perfect gift, a present that makes her get emotional and makes her eyes shine for the joy.

It seems to be an insurmountable task, days and days of doubts, requests of help, attempts to understand what she could wish most in this moment. But in the end every year we can bring it to a close, even if not always with the result we were looking for.

There are presents that have more success than others. There are presents with just a practical utility and presents with just a symbolical meaning. But which line should you choose? which one would she appreciate the most? The gesture or the object?

We start saying that every woman is a particular case, some of them love very much cheap objects, but that express your feelings for her. For example there are still a lot of women sleeping every night whit their bed full with stuffed animals or with the bedroom full of pictures of friends, relatives, boyfriend even if they can see all these people every day. A lot of women instead love to receive presents they can use every day or even better wear.

Clothes, bags, shoes, underwear are always a must, these presents will always make a woman happy. It is clear that first of all you need to understand which one your girlfriend would prefer. This could be quite easy of you just stop for some seconds to listen to the signals she’s sending you. Because a woman is always sending some signals, even if her man is listening or not. And despite the gift you will buy for her, nothing will make her happier than knowing you are listening and understanding her, even when she is not speaking plainly.

Of course, just dividing women in two so wide categories is too reductive, limits often are not so clear but extremely fluid. They depend on situations, on the occasion, on her mood. Given this, you could still have no idea about what give to your girlfriend. Don’t panic, it is absolutely normal. But the alternatives are really numerous. You can go from jewelry to clothes, to any kind of

clothing accessories. If you are not sure to meet her taste, it is better to turn down on other thinks, like for example a perfume.

But you can also consider electronic goods, such as iPod or iPod accessories. Or maybe some game console, that lately have addressed themselves to attract also the female sector with new colors and new games that could entertain also girls. If she is very sportive, you have a wide range of choice in the sportswear sector or in the sport equipment sector.

In the end, it is not clearly an impossible task, just thinking about for some time you can easily

bring it to a close as every year.

And if you really can’t find anything that can satisfy you, you can still write down for her

the most romantic greetings card. Or cooking for her a romantic dinner. If you don’t want to cook, pack your clothes and go take a trip somewhere even just a few days together will make your love shine and win over everything!…

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Shopping in the Philippines

Shopping in the Philippines

Contrary to people’s beliefs, Philippines is also home to various international brands when it comes to fashion and style. Even though the country is far from developed, it is chock full of shopping malls and more are continuously springing up in every corner.

Famous brands such as H&M are available in most shopping malls while luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hermes are found in malls of equal stature. However, what is every frugal shopper’s paradise is the number of flea markets available in every corner of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

Most flea markets have everything you would need, from quality bags, shoes and apparel. This is a popular destination for people who are looking for cheap thrills or those that are interested in reselling. $10 will be able to buy you at least two shirts and a bag!

Midnight sales are also abundant in the country and are normally available during the Christmas season. You can get bargains for a wide variety of products. It also helps that there are charity bazaars going on the whole year round which are famous for designer items at affordable prices.

The Philippines is a haven for everyone who is dying to get their hands on some new items. Most items are reasonably priced and sales happen in every corner of the largest malls you will ever find. This is not surprising especially because this country is the home of SM Mall of Asia, consequently the biggest mall ever built in the whole of Asia.…

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Tips For Creating a New Fashion Brand

As a child, I was confident that I would be a rich and famous fashion designer when I grew up. If pink nail polish, and designer jeans were the prerequisite, I was surely on my way. Color blocking was not an option in those days. Black shoes were the only staple, so I knew it all. In my first meeting with the fashion design high school, I was quickly shut down because of my inability to sketch. “Well, you would need to know how to draw and sketch,” the middle aged admissions counselor smirked. He then embarked on a fifteen minute lecture as to why my inability to do the latter would make fashion designing a rather formidable task. “Ouch!” My budding ambition, oversized ego, and teenaged self esteem, felt my pain in unison. “Imagine what skills I would need to become a lawyer,” I rationalized to myself.
Fast forward to the world of design software, computers, outsourcing and the internet. I am sure that the inability to sketch wouldn’t be frowned upon as such for fashion designing. It is never too early, or too late to develop your talent and innate ability as a fashion designer. Feel free to indulge in and create your new fashion brand if you are 12 or 55 years old.
Research your market. Who are you targeting?
Get inspiration from the key players in fashion.
Use Skype to set up business meetings. This cuts down on traveling costs.
Use social networks to interview people you know.
These interviews will give you ideas for present and future projects.
What can you contribute to make your fashion unique?
Add the wow factor that will make your designs stand out.
Brainstorm with friends and family to get as many ideas as you can.
Use friends and family for advertising your designs.
Wearing your design helps to get your brand out there.
“Where did you get that top?” This means a potential customer.
You will probably be on a budget, so utilize the internet for its low overhead to start out.
Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of online vs. offline.
Based on the above, choose the method that works best for your fashion brand.
Create a blog to help with your marketing efforts.
A professional website is a must have for your new business.
Once you have everything in order, go fast and hard promoting your new fashion brand. Good results will fuel your motivation, and inspire you to work harder.…

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We Want Shopping Online To Save You Money

It is impossible to deny the amazing popularity of online shopping these days, and it is easy to see why so many people love it. The following article offers a wealth of information on online shopping. Read this article to learn how to make the most of online shopping.

When you shop online, you need to get the best price. When you shop online, it is quick and easy to check for the lowest price for a particular item. When you shop online, only buy from merchants that you are comfortable with. It is never worth the risk to purchase from an unknown site simply to get a bargain price.

If you are buying from someone for a first time ever, take some time to read customer reviews about service. This will help you get an idea of the level of service you should expect. You should avoid those with recurring low ratings.

You will want to be aware of any potential sales that might appear online that show up on Wednesday. Most regular stores have sales through the weekend, so online stores have started to begin their sales before the weekend. You can find great deals any day of the week with very little work.

If you are overpaying for shipping, try using standard shipping instead of expedited shipping. You may get surprised by a package with just standard shipping because it really doesn’t take that long to get to your door. Saving money by just waiting a few days will help you to be sure you have more money to shop with!

Try to use sites for shopping searches that just use shopping results when you search with them. Google is great, but the results can often be overwhelming. and similar sites help you narrow your options.

If you are a frequent shopper at a particular online store, think about registering as a member. This will keep you from wasting time at checkout and from wasting money. When you create an account, you can subscribe to emails that will alert you to deals before people who are not registered. You can also return items easier and track your orders if you have an account.

Interacting with Live Help is one way to get your online shopping questions answered. You will be able to get your questions answered quickly and easily. Depending on the retailer and and the details, you may be able to request small discounts and free shipping. These enticements can often be accommodated if you are placing an order right then.

You should check into different coupon sites, such as before making online purchases. You can find digital coupons from retailers and manufacturers, which can offer you great savings. It can be hard to remember to look first before you buy, though.

Almost everybody had had some online shopping experience. However, many people, due to a lack of knowledge, limit their online shopping experiences. If this article serves its purpose, a few readers out there may get the additional info they need to become wiser, more effective online shoppers.…