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The Last Pair Of Kobe Bryant Shoes Worn In A Game

The Last Pair Of Kobe Bryant Shoes Worn In A Game

As we all know this past NBA season had a disastrous ending for Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers. Swept in four games by the Dallas Mavericks was a not the storybook ending the defending champions had hoped for. The Lakers not only lost, and lost badly, they were a team in disarray. The shoes that Kobe wore that series and in the final game turned out to be the last Kobe VI he would ever wear. It may be the last pair of Kobe Bryant shoes he will wear for a long time. At least the shoe went out in style. The POP (Playoff Pack) pair of Kobe VI’s that Kobe wore were originally meant to have a counterpart colorway.

Due to the early exit of Kobe and Lakers, this single POP colorway will have to do. Good thing it is a beauty. The upper features the standard snakeskin textured upper that a standard Kobe VI uses and uses two shades of yellow. The base of the upper is what Nike calls “Lightbulb Yellow”. Del Sol is used on the scale section of the upper. The midsole, heel cup, tongue, and laces are all done in black. The outsole uses both white and yellow.

With the NBA lockout looming and no agreement between the owners and player’s association in sight, it looks like there will be no professional basketball played this season. What!? It is bad enough that there will be no NBA games played. But you mean to tell me that we, as sneakerheads, will not be able to spot any new models and colorways of signature sneaker lines on the court? This is outrageous! Wait, why am I getting so fired up? There will be no lack of Nike shoes for basketball. The sneaker game is not going to shut down. It will not be locked out. Thank God!

Images of the first stages of the Kobe VII have already been spotted. We sneakerheads may have been denied additional colorways of the Kobe VI thanks to the Dallas Mavericks. But we can take solace in the fact that the next edition to the Kobe signature sneaker line is on it’s way and promises a multitude of colorways. One can only imagine what sick colorways the Kobe VII will be released in. And, I like many other sneakerheads, am one that can imagine.

But for now, we are getting ahead of ourselves. There are still plenty of sweet Kobe kicks to be had. Kobe IV’s, V’s, and VI’s still populate the sneaker landscape. The best sneaker for hoops is still available, and available in large numbers. Time to go get me a pair of the Kobe VI POP’s.