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Causes and Symptoms of Clothing Allergy

Allergy-related to clothing is common to many people. Nonetheless, the cause of what is termed as clothing allergy does not come from the clothes or the accessories people wear, but the materials used to make the clothing. There are also other issues that can bring about the clothing allergy such as Washing powder and other detergents are necessary when it comes to ensuring the clothes are clean. However, some cleansers come with several commercial agents that have harmful toxins like perfumes, and dyes which react with some people, hence causing clothing allergy.

In addition to this, new clothing sometimes comes with some substances that can be reactive to other people. Most people consider new clothes to be clean and free from toxins that would bring about clothing allergy and they put them on without washing them first. The fact is that new clothes come with formaldehyde, a toxic substance that triggers skin irritation and itchiness. This compound is usually used to allow the clothes to stay crease-free while still in stock. Accessories are part of clothing such as studs, buckles, medical alert bands, button, zips, and others. Some of these items can be irritating to the skin if they contain nickel.

When clothing allergy occurs, antibody cells identify compounds and their chemical structures that are found in clothes and regard them as foreign objects. The allergy takes place when the antibodies start to fight these compounds. The reaction is as the result of the fighting which makes the plasma cells to produce allergic antibodies which will be located in different areas and systems of the body. The antibodies will combine with pro-inflammatory cells that are on the skin line and produce histamines. Histamines are the ones responsible for the different signs and symptoms of clothing allergy.

Just like any other allergies, clothing associated allergy signs come in terms of various strengths varying from mild to even more severe symptoms. The kind of triggers determines the symptoms has to handle. Some of the symptoms include running nose that happens after an individual inhales airborne chemicals found in detergents. Moreover, others can experience skin redness which is a common symptom despite the cause of the allergy. Additionally, some people will experience skin acne and skin lesions and blisters after metallic particles get in contact with sweat.

One can avoid clothing and accessory allergy just like any other allergy. It is essential to visit a doctor to determine the cause of the allergy as well as the allergy level. With the usual symptoms, the doctor will advise one to use some medications that can help relieve the symptoms. Antihistamine is one of the conventional medicines that it helps in getting rid of the most allergic conditions.

It is also essential to ensure that new clothes are washed before one puts them on. When it comes to washing, ensure that only water and soap are used to get rid of allergies brought about by perfumes and other chemicals found in commercial detergents. Important, once one identifies that clothes that give them allergy, they should stop using them.