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How to wear: boots for men

When the colder days have arrived, the summer sneakers are exchanged for slightly warmer models. Of course you can go for a pair of high sneakers, but this season you can also opt for a pair of boots. Besides the fact that they are super casual, laid-back cool or just to style, they are also super warm and of course comfortable! Boots come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. An example is aurelien desert boots men, but there are many more. Because of the many choices, they can of course also be styled in many different ways and are suitable for all kinds of occasions. We’ll tell you more about that in this article.


Casual Boots are well suited to wear as a casual shoe. Actually, they fit under almost any pants or jeans. The range of colors is also huge, so there is a pair for every outfit. A black or brown pair is always good. Combined with a sweater this is the ultimate laid-back look to get you through this winter. Besides being easy to combine, they are super comfortable. Strolling through the city for the day? No problem at all! A nice walk in the woods? Choose a pair with a coarser tread for the best grip. This doesn’t mean your desert boots men can’t be stylish as well!


Do you not like very rough boots and prefer to wear something more refined? Then aurelien has a solution in the collection that fits well. For example, you can look at the website for a company that sell those shoes. The Desert boots can be worn to work. Combine them with a nice dark jeans and a shirt and possibly a blazer for a casual yet neat look. Even under a pair of slacks they can be styled. This way they give just a little tougher twist to your business look.


Prefer a slightly tougher look? You can! Combine a pair of boots with a chunky sole with a cool pair of ripped jeans for the ultimate look. For the really daring, you can also choose a slightly tighter pair of jeans which can be worn inside the boots. Leave the laces at the top open a bit and immediately create a casual effect. To complete the outfit you can choose a biker or bomber jacket. Tough, warm and totally on trend. Then read here more about this subject.