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Quick Jewellery Tips – Jewellery Shopping

Quick Jewellery Tips – Jewellery Shopping

This list of tips is a result of personal experience as well as some well researched information online. Some of them you would know or would have heard or experienced yourself, some of them are new to even my knowledge. Hope this small collection will enhance your experience of jewellery Shopping.

1. Like a family doctor, develop one family jeweler, your jewellery will be safe and original.

2. Quality always has a price tag. Good quality gold will never be sold at a cheap rate. Hence do not fall for discounted gold rates

3. Diamonds may fall off when set in 22 karat gold, hence diamonds and other precious stones should be set in 18 or 20 karat gold base instead.

4. What multiplies in profits are gold and diamonds. The best and safest investment since generations.

5. Consider buying gold before investing elsewhere.

6. Low gold rates are a gimmick. Never believe in gold rate forecasts. Buy not by market rate but by your need.

7. For occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, always gift in gold. Its gifting, savings as well as an investment. 3 in 1.

8. Satin cloths & colored paper are great for gifting, but these are also extremely harmful for your jewellery. Always use plastic pouches to retain the shine of your jewellery.

9. Business is for making profit. Nobody sells at a loss. Read between the lines and do not get carried away by fancy offers.

10. It remains Cold to touch, that one feature of Real Fresh Water Pearls. They will always be uneven and costlier too.

11. No Marking Charge is eyewash. The Jeweler would be making a loss in case he truly follows it. So be sure your Jeweler is not cheating on Gold Quality by not charging you any marking charges.

12. Before you buy, decide a budget, purpose, urgency and the personality of the user. Inform your Jeweler to get the right jewellery.

13. Spot the difference. Platinum & White Gold are not the same. Former is a metal and the other is mixed with white gold alloy.

14. Diamond Cartage – The bigger the diamond the higher the rate. 1 Carat = 200mg or 100 points/cents. Dictate the diamonds price, Clarity, Cut, Cartage & Color.

15. Check for polishing lines in diamonds. It lowers the quality of the diamond. Perfect diamond cut with zero polishing lines gives the best brilliance.

16. Impurities in diamond can be recognized with grades like flawless, internally flawless, VVS1 & VS1 & VS2, SI1 7 SI2. Price depends on these grades.

17. Diamonds other factors that count are size, shape and various crown facets, size of the table, length of the pavilion facet the culet, whether chipped or perfect.

18. Ideal diamonds are colorless and very costly. Mostly affordable diamonds have slight tones of yellow or brown (G to K) but appear colorless.

19. Jewellery is the most precious gift that’s cherished forever. Find your partner’s likes and preference before picking up one. take time, choose well.

20. It is advisable to change your pearl string every 2 years, as it may loose strength due to wear and tear.

21. General Purity of 916, i.e 22Kt and 18Kt ie. 750. Hallmark with respective sign assures purity. so check carefully for purity sign.

22. KDM means cadmium, which is used for soldering. It does not guarantee Purity as is usually the misconception. It only says soldering is done using KDM.