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Christmas Shopping Procrastination – How To Get Your Shopping Done On Time?

Christmas Shopping Procrastination – How To Get Your Shopping Done On Time?

If you’re one of those holiday shoppers who are frightened by the their Christmas list or just lack the will power to start on the list then the start of December will definitely find you in a panicky sweat. What you lack is the proper motivation and support to do your holiday shopping.

For the lazy holiday shopper, one of two things can work. Try a shopping partner, someone who can give you lots of advice and whose opinion you trust when you’re faced with a tough situation. You can set up a points system for yourself, every time you buy gifts for say three people on your list; you’re entitled to a reward. Keep your rewards simple and low cost; the point of the system is to motivate you and not to pile a few additional boxes for yourself under the tree.

If you’re running late on your Christmas shopping, the internet might just be the only thing that can save you. While stores will still have lots of stuff available, it’s bound to be hidden behind crowds of extremely determined shoppers and buying ‘some’ gifts maybe possible, but not all gifts. Turn to online stores and retailers. You’ll be facing tight delivery and shipment dates so go for sites that let you order online but pick the items from a store yourself.

When in doubt, buy food. Holiday food gifts, Christmas gift baskets and fruit bouquets are a great gift to send to mom or to give your wife for the holidays.