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How to Enhance Your Home Decor With Proper Curtain Rods

How to Enhance Your Home Decor With Proper Curtain Rods

Moving to your new dream home soon? Then, no doubt, you long for all the praises from your friends and neighbors for the home decor you planned for years. Certainly, there are several things to be done before you flaunt it.

Moving to your new dream home soon? Then, no doubt, you long for all the praises from your friends and neighbors for the home decor you planned for years. Certainly, there are several things to be done before you flaunt it. Giving a gorgeous look to your living room or bedroom requires a nicely dressed up window frame. Window frame, curtains, rods all plays a big role in dolling up your home. If you have not decorated it gracefully, something is going to amiss. And, definitely, you don’t want to settle down with something that is less appealing to your lovely home!

You have decided on the stylish curtain panels and draperies to complement your beautiful window casing; and the next step is selecting the right curtain rods and brackets which match your interior design, layout and color. Things look seamless only if you strike wise dealings and right choices!

Find out a curtain rod design which goes well with your interior design in general.

Gone are the days where people go for some simple straight poles. Now, all of us know, there is a huge variety of trendy and smart curtain rods to decorate our window case aesthetically. You can find them in all classy and modern designs and colors. There are stacked square and stacked round models. You can also find ball, trophy and kamrak shapes drapery rods. Pick up the best design which well integrates with your other home decor articles.

What is the dominant color of your home decor? Just keep in mind this factor when you select your curtain rod as it has a lot to do with the overall color theme. If you don’t want to mess it up, choose a color which harmonizes with your interior.

Another thing that gives you considerable menace would be getting a drapery rod that fit into the height and length of your window frame. You can get rid of this pest by paying attention to the dimension of the curtain rod you want to purchase. Your problem is solved when you choose curtain rod which can be stretched or dwindled.

The next point is, never ever compromise with the quality and durability, you may need to search for a sturdy curtain rod as some of them wobble and fail to give a good support to the heavy fabrics used for curtain panels, valance or draperies. You may want that heavy material for your window curtain just because you look for a perfect look and elegance! Therefore, when you go for selecting these curtain rods prefer a reputed online store that cater to interior designs and home decor.

Plus, you can go for other decorative fixings like stylish finials, chic drapery hooks and rings to add more flair to your living room or bedroom on the whole.…

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How To Chose Girl Pageant Dress

What dress and accessories is appropriate for my young daughter who wants to join pageants?

Girl beauty pageants may be considered a fluff event by some, but really, girl pageants are like any competitive sport. Young children study, train and focus to win. Learning the proper ways to walk and stand, minding one?s manners, and thinking quickly under pressure is also a long process that requires focus, discipline and endurance. Just like any other sport, parents are expected to spend on pageant dresses, training, other costumes and coaches. As with any sport, a child learns to forego the desire to play to do what is required to win.

As with sports, your child will also learn to put her best foot forward in pageants. She will learn the confidence to face and talk to people. A young girl will learn how to dress and charm people. She will learn to handle pressure. She will learn how to deal with victory and defeat. Pageants may build character too, depending on the guidance of the adult.

Some people view girl pageants with distaste. Always this is due to any pageant factor taken to the extreme. Crazy costumes and make-up that make children look like skanky miniature adults may be a reason behind this. Guardians? extreme manner of pushing young girls to win may add to the distaste.

If your little girl is interested in joining pageants, families may encourage her to do so, as long as goals and values are clear to the family. Young girls like to doll up in pageant dresses, be pretty and to win. That?s a given. It is up to the parents to put balance and be vigilant to the best interest of a child?s health, values and over-all character. After all, that?s what parents want for their children, right?

The key to all this is balance. Let your daughter be the best she can be, in a manner that is most appropriate to her age and well-being. Pageants can bring out her best character, but parents should step up to provide the balance to looks and character.

Dressing for Girl Pageants

Being age-appropriate in a girl pageant does not mean your little girl has to be ugly or boring. On the contrary, young girls are bursting with natural beauty and joy. Overdoing things causes a natural beauty to be blah and icky.

Formal dresses for Girls

The styles of formal dresses for girls are classic. Whatever era, young girls always look cute and fresh in regular sleeveless with medium waist and long skirt in formal fabric. Other styles for sleeves can be cute, but long sleeves may not be comfortable for a young girl (and look dated too.) Fabrics should be beautiful but not fragile for a young girl, who may get to become fussy or restless, and may ruin too-fragile fabrics.

The color of the dress can be light or pastel. Pink is a common color for young girls, but there are a lot of other colors out there that can help express the personality of your young pageant contestant. A different color dress will also help her stand out. Happy earth colors can also be worn, as well as jewel tones, if in season (usually during the fall). Or, use earth colors and jewel tones as accessories to a light colored dress. Black is usually too severe and looks weird for a young girl.

The dress can also be embroidered or embellished, but keep embellishments tiny and tasteful to be suited to a young girl.


Shoes should be pretty, but comfortable. Young girls can wear mary janes or flat pumps with formal embellishments. High heeled shoes are bad for the back and legs.


Girls have beautiful hair. Show it off in its natural state. Let it loose and clip with pretty bling barrette, or sweep away from the face with a pretty bling head band. Mom can also tie it up in pigtails or braids. Young girls do use pigtails and braids.

Any hairstyle that requires a gallon of hairspray is most likely too severe-looking. It is also not healthy for a young girl for her hair to be teased, tugged and pulled and laden with chemicals.


Girls are naturally pretty. They have the best skin and lips. Using lipstick and thick foundation gives a fake look. Young girls with heavy makeup similar to adults are an eyesore. Try using lip gloss and light touch of baby powder. If you are concerned that your little one will look too pale on the stage at night, do test make up during the general rehearsal when the actual lights to be used are also tested. Make sure the make up is minimized and enhances her natural beauty. Less is more for makeup on …

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How to Buy the Best Pearls For Your Money With These 6 Tips!

How to Buy the Best Pearls For Your Money With These 6 Tips!

Pearls are the one piece of jewelry that’s timeless and can be worn with nearly anything in your wardrobe. With these 6 tips, I will show you how to buy the best pearls for your dollar. Stop overpaying for low quality pearls, and learn here what to look for the next time you want to purchase good quality pearls and get the best deal going.

Here are the important things to look for, and think about when shopping for pearls –

– Grade – A, AA+

– Shape – round, near round, oval, drop, baroque, circle

– Luster – shiny with a nice reflection or no luster & chalky looking

– Surface Quality – how clean is the surface?

– Size – how big or small is the pearl, measured in mm’s

– Type – natural, cultured, freshwater, saltwater or imitation


Pearls are graded based on their overall quality, including surface quality and luster. A pearl with heavy blemishing such as cracks, pits and no luster would be a very low grade pearl, and would be something you should not purchase. A pearl such as this should not be sold in a jewelry store, as it does not meet the standards of good quality pearls, and would not even be an ‘A’ quality pearl, or gem quality pearl, but a beading quality pearl.

In the industry there is no set standard that everyone follows, however most companies follow an ‘A’ to ‘AA+’ standard. ‘A’ quality is the lowest, but certainly nothing to sneeze at, and ‘AA+’ is the highest with amazing luster, and little to no surface blemishes, and round in shape. Every company is different, so it’s best to look around to see what the differences are in what the value the companies offer with quality for dollar, each is going to be different.


The most costly pearls are those that are completely round and uniform, as it is much more difficult to produce a round pearl, so in turn you will pay more for one. It seems much more common to find pearls that are in many shapes and sizes, as many people are no longer looking for only round pearls but also baroque, stick, drop, and other shapes. The nacre quality can be just as nice on a pearl that isn’t round, but another shape, and can be better value for your money.


This is the ‘shine’ that is associated with the pearls which is their inner glow. A high luster pearl will often be described as a having a mirror like finish. Low luster pearls will have a foggy appearance, and look very chalky. Low luster pearls will not have any shine. The higher the luster, the better the pearl, always try and get the highest luster you can within your budget.

Surface Quality:

The surface quality is another important factor when looking at pearls and trying to gauge their quality, the cleaner the surface of a pearl, the better. Of course with pearls being a natural product (even a cultured pearl), flawless pearls are very high to come by and when you do see them, a premium is charged. Small imperfections on the surface of pearls are natural, what you want to avoid are pearls with pits on the surface, cracks or peeling nacre, all of these are big no’s. If you have to buy a smaller pearl than you would like to, it is worth it to have a good quality pearl that will last much longer if cared for properly.


Pearls are available in a wide array of sizes from seed pearls, which are only 1mm in size to pearls that reach 20mm’s. Most common sizes of pearls are from 5-6mm up to 12mm. A rule of thumb is that the bigger the pearls are, the bigger the price tag. If a pearl is large, round, has a flawless surface, and has great luster, that is the optimum pearl and a very, very expensive one!


There are different kinds available, each with their own unique set of characteristics. The most difficult ones to find today are natural pearls. The majority available in today’s market are cultured pearls. A cultured pearl is still ‘real’, however it has been helped by man to create it. Cultured pieces are just as beautiful, if not more beautiful. The different kinds of pearls available are Freshwater, Saltwater, Tahitian, South Sea, and Imitation. All of these are ‘real’ except for the imitation, which is simply that – fake. Although they are made to look real, they are made of plastic and other materials to give them a similar weight, and feel. Aside from imitation, the most affordable among those are Freshwater …

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Fruit on the Move at Select CityWalk Mall, Saket

Fruit on the Move at Select CityWalk Mall, Saket

Exercise, for the best of us, is now limited to crisscrossing shopping malls. More often than not that still leads to some indulgence in the form of a snack as a reward for all the walking around. Serious shoppers take note and smile for a guilt free snacking option awaits you the next time you go shopping.

Taking the concept of healthy snacking to a new high, Fruit Garden offers freshly cut fruits on the go that is bound to make snacking while shopping not only a pleasant but also healthier. Located just off the escalators on the first floor, Fruit Garden offers a range of local and exotic fruits like kiwi and blueberries to choose from. True to its name, the kiosk is as welcome a sight as an oasis in the middle of a desert on a sweltering day!

Fresh Fruits at Fruit Garden

Available in two sizes and with tasty toppings to make it a little more interesting if you so please, Fruit Garden’s simple concept of freshly cut fruits goes a long way when it comes to snacking. One of the biggest grouse that most shoppers have is that when it comes to snacking in the malls it’s always the usual suspects like fast food or the more elaborate Indian snacks like Chhole Bature and the likes to choose. These sumptuous and rather filling foods more often than not turn out to be choosing between the devil and the deep sea. Also unlike a Subway Sandwich picking on pieces of fruit as you shop is far easier and less messy!

The other popular snacking option while shopping is steamed corn, which isn’t unhealthy when compared to Chhole Bature but doesn’t really help the body. Steamed corn is filling enough (approximately 80 calories per serving with negligible amount of fat) but takes longer for the body to process it. When compared a cup of freshly cut raw fruit is 75 calories, depending on the kind of fruit, and surely sounds better than steamed corn in this heat!

Traditional virtues notwithstanding, one usually avoids putting in the effort to peel or chop fruits but you can forget about all the hard work associated with eating fruits and just enjoy their goodness!

Fruit Garden, 1st Floor, Select City walk Mall

About Select Citywalk Mall, Saket

Select Citywalk offers a vibrant, upscale, unique shopping & leisure experience in the heart of South Delhi, Saket. It houses both Indian & International brands under one roof & combines luxury and high street shopping, together with cafes, trendy bistros, authentic cuisines, fast food restaurants and bars.

Saanskriti, a culturally oriented public space, is landscaped extensively in timber, water, stone & steel with an open air amphitheatre, fully grown trees and spectacular water features. It provides a platform for conducting art festivals, fairs, exhibitions, & performances.…

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How to Be a Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a well-paid career. It is because good fashion talents are hard to find. And once you are proved to be as a successful designer, you will be designing clothes for thousands of people and decide what to wear for them. Becoming a fashion designer is an ultimate dream for many people both for the wealth, esteem and self satisfaction.
It is a hard work especially you do not know the dynamics of this industry. Personal development and efforts play vital role in defining a successful one. Well-known fashion schools, help students to explore themselves while avoiding to give them any stereotype information to effect their styles.
Fashion designers are different than most of the other professions like the doctors, engineers or economists who have to go through certain education. It is a must for these professions to have proper education. But this is not the case for them.
As a profession, it is open to everyone who believes that they have a different vision and want to contribute to the world of fashion. Most successful designers are those who managed to approach to the fashion world with a new and different point of view.
Of course it is an important thing to have a good education in this field. But at the same time this arena is very suitable for achieving success with personal efforts. This is why the fashion history is full of success stories of people who managed to educate themselves with personal efforts.
A good designer should be always open to learning, trying and exploring. This is such an important character trait that no school or authority can teach you this.
A person may have the potential to be a fashion designer, with the ability, skills and even the education. What makes this person a fashion designer or a fashion brand is the observation of the steady outputs in the long run on a regular basis. In other words, experience and the success in professional life is as important as his or her skills and potential.…

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Take a Look at the Variety of Nike Shoes Available

Take a Look at the Variety of Nike Shoes Available

It’s a well known fact when men are looking for terrific shoes they check out Nike. Whether they’ll be used for playing basketball or any other sport, you’re just wanting to look sharper when you’re wearing jeans, you can depend on Nike to have shoes that are appropriate for any situation and every taste. Now there are a couple of new ones hitting the stores these days that are making quite an impression.

One of the really great looking basketball shoes for men is the Nike Zoom Kobe. With it’s flexible grooves it’s able to improve flexibility and articulation. It also boasts a herring bone and solid rubber for added support. Due to the EKG pattern it also gives you a non marking traction. In addition, there’s a full length phylon mid-sole in addition to a mid foot shank. This shoe also comes with some of the new technology fly wire, providing an ultra light weight comfort, and the tongue is marked with Kobe’s name. Users of this shoe score it quite high for maximum comfort and support.

You will get an exceptional range of ankle motion due to the low top silhouette, and it supports you having your best motion ability ever! Further perks of this model are a carbon fiber arch plate with special mid-foot support, as well as heel support provided by a molded external heel counter.

If you prefer a shoe that has a light weight feel, with ideal support from a smaller amount of construction, then you’ll want to check out the Nike Shox. You’ll also find it comes with that Nike Shox technology to provide you with optimum comfort and cushioning. You’ll like the way the rubber out-sole provides you with quick court moves and an exact grip.

Having a myriad of styles and colors to pick from, you’ll find something that fits everyone’s range of age and personal taste. Know that these shoes are built to last, so don’t be concerned that your hard wear and tear use of them will cause them to fall apart on you. A lot of people have several pairs of Nike shoes to color coordinate with certain outfits they wear, or a special pair they firmly believe helps them be a winner when playing certain sports or games.…

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Where to Find Cool Stuff for Kids at Shopping Centres in Durban

Where to Find Cool Stuff for Kids at Shopping Centres in Durban

Finding cool stuff for kids is a breeze with the sheer selection of shopping centres in Durban. The more challenging task is finding affordable stores. City View Shopping Centre is a great place to shop if you’re looking for affordability, and with a range of stores including Ackermans, Reggies, Mr Price, Sheet Street, Kool Kids, Game, Shoprite, Myrna’s Gift Shoppe, and more you’ll have hours of browsing entertainment.

Cool stuff for little ones: If you’re shopping for a baby shower, your own new arrival or just for baby gifts, stop by Mr Price, Ackermans, PEP, Kool Kids and Reggies. You’ll find a treasure trove of soft baby clothes, fluffy blankets, educational toys and plenty of other wonderful baby goods.

Cool stuff for kids (and teenagers)

Toys: When you look back over your childhood as an adult, do you recall special toys that were given to you? Pretty dolls, sorbet-coloured ponies, bright red cars and beautiful wooden train sets often bring back happy memories of fun and games! Shopping centres in Durban offer an extensive variety of memory-making toys for kids of all ages. City View is home to stores including Reggies, Game, Clicks and Sheet Street. Reggies specialises in kids toys, so here you can look for everything from baby toys to toddler puzzles to children’s bikes and all sorts in between. This is a good place for kids’ birthday shopping!

Back-to-school gear: In addition to a substantial collection of toys, Game is great for cool back-to-school gear like stationery, school bags and computer essentials.

Kiddie chefs: Do you have a little chef who likes to play in the kitchen? Clicks has a lovely range of bakeware that will delight children. Look out for fun cookie cutters, rainbow silicon cupcake cases and flower-shaped cake moulds.

Bedroom d?�cor: Visit Sheet Street to make your kids’ rooms somewhere they can’t wait to come home to. At Sheet Street you can buy bright, cheery bedding, comfy throws, scatter cushions and accessories like photo frames, vases and candles.

Clothes and shoes: Isn’t it amazing how quickly kids grow out of their clothes? Keeping your kids in well-fitting clothes is an on-going and expensive task. Whether you need to buy a winter wardrobe for your pre-schooler, after-school attire for your 7-year-old or casual clothes for your teenager, at City View you can pick and choose trendy, affordable clothes and shoes at bargain prices. Your choice of stores includes Ackermans, JAM Clothing, Kingsmead Shoes, Kool Kids, Mr Price and PEP. Shopping for kids can be an expensive exercise! Whether you’re looking for toys, clothes or shoes, try City View-one of the most affordable shopping centres in Durban. The bargains are yours for the taking!…