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The Sean John Regime

One of the most popular and in-demand brands of urban clothing lines today is the Sean John Clothing. Sean John Clothing is an American brand of urban and hip hop clothing line founded by of the moguls of hip hop generations, sean john Combs.

As a popular hip hop artist in its time, sean john combs became one of the most prominent personalities not only in rap music but also in hip hop fashion. The rise of hip-pop in the late-1990s, primarily the work of Sean “Diddy” Combs, known locally around New York at that time as the “Shiny Suit Man” brought elements such as loud, flashy PVC aviator inspired suits and platinum jewelry to the forefront of hip hop in an effort to add a new vivid dimension of color and flash to the videos produced as a marketing tool.

As one of the founders that brought hip hop fashion to the mainstream, along with Karl Kani and FUBU, Sean John Clothing became the center for fashion and style in no time at all.

In 1998, Combs decided to launch a signature collection of sportswear under his name sean john. Since its launch, Sean John has enjoyed critical and commercial success with revenues now exceeding $100 million annually. Through the support of both the fashion community and retailers, Sean John has quickly grown from an urban label to an international brand.

In February 2001, Sean John produced the first nationally televised runway show during Fall Fashion Week when it simultaneously aired live on E! Television and the Style Network. During fashion week in February 2002, the New York Times ran a front page story on Sean John. In 2004, Sean John invested in the high-end label Zac Posen.

Because of its unending success, sean john clothing is now known as Sean John Clothing inc. a clothing and fragrance line owned by hip-hop mogul sean sohn combs and supermarket mogul Ron Burkle.

One major release made by sean john was in November 2008, where he launched his latest men’s perfume under the Sean John brand called I Am King. On November 24th, 2008, he unveiled a new Times Square billboard for the I Am King line to replace his iconic Sean John ad. The giant billboard is currently the largest print ad in Times Square.…