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Month: July 2021

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Jewelry Armoire Shopping – A Quick Guide to Getting One for Less

Jewelry Armoire Shopping – A Quick Guide to Getting One for Less

With so many different types and brands of jewelry armoire on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The truth is that it really helps to know what the main features are which are available to you, and how much you should spend.

Have you ever found yourself looking all over for your jewelry? Usually it ends up strewn all over the house in a million little places (or at least that’s what happens at MY house!) Thankfully, there is a solution, and that is a high-quality jewelry armoire.

The difference between a jewelry box and an armoire is subtle, and in fact the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, a jewelry armoire tends to be larger in size, often a model with four legs which can sit on the floor. It is also likely that it will have more storage space, typically drawers or extra large compartments. Oftentimes a jewelry armoire will hold larger items, simply because it is so much bigger. By contrast a jewelry box can be as small as a travel size case capable of holding only a few items.

The most common brands of jewelry armoire are from Reed & Barton and Mele & Co. Both produce high quality boxes and sell them only through authorized reseller channels. This means you can be sure that the boxes are the highest quality possible, and also that the company selling them is able to provide you with the best possible customer service. It is best to avoid purchasing these items used from eBay, craigslist or other resale channels because jewelry armoires can often have damage or structural defects, either from the previous owner, of because they were purchased from an unauthorized channel.

Although you often can’t tell much until you receive the item, you should be able to do quite a bit of checking in advance. First of all, make sure the jewelry armoire comes from a decent manufacturer, such as those mentioned above. All too often, cheap knockoffs are made in China or often parts of the world. While they will almost certainly be cheaper, like most things in life you really do get what you pay for. That being said, there are many high quality options available in price ranges from $100 up to $500. You also want to make sure the interior is lined, and make sure that the model you get has sufficient space to hold YOUR jewelry. If you’ve got a bunch of necklaces from your mom or grandma, make sure that you go for a larger model. But if you plan on moving the armoire around a lot, you will be much happier with a table top model – it will take up less space and be easier to shift from one part of your room to the other.

I hope this quick article was useful to you in your search for the perfect jewelry armoire! With a little time and research, it will be easy for you to find the best fit for your needs.…

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Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai Have Everything to Offer

Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai Have Everything to Offer

Chiang Mai in Thailand evokes images of a traditional city with the local markets flooded with handicrafts, Thai silk, wood figurines and so on. But Chiang Mai has a lot more to offer than that. The two shopping malls in Chiang Mai boast of all the facilities that come with a modern shopping center. In addition to this, it also has sophisticated shopping plazas in different parts of the city.

The Airport Plaza, which is located quite near to the airport, is well connected by public transport and is easy to reach. Of the two shopping malls in the city, this mall is the bigger one and offers a wide range of international brands. This mall houses Robinsons, McDonalds, Watsons, The Body Shop, to name just a few of the brands available here. In addition to this, the Northern Village has a wide selection of Thai handicrafts. You can be sure of good quality products here unlike the local markets. Along with this, it has a section devoted to IT and electronics with Sony, LG, Apple and others having their own outlets. Of course, an essential part of a shopping mall, the Cineplex, is also there for cinema lovers. Here you will find both Thai as well as English movies on show. No shopping mall can be complete without a good food section and the Airport Plaza is no exception. So, whether your tastes range from Western food to Thai food, you will find everything here. If you are looking for not only international goods but also quality local handicrafts, then the Airport Plaza should be your first choice.

The second shopping mall is the Kad Suan Kaew, which may not be as bright and glittery as the Airport Plaza, yet has a different charm of its own. Decorated in traditional Thai Style it exudes a very calm atmosphere. The layout of the place seems a bit confusing in the beginning but one soon gets familiar with it. More centrally located than the Airport Plaza, it is immensely popular among local youngsters. It has the Central Department Store, Marks and Spencers, Tops Supermarket and so on. For the food lovers there is the Food Court, Sizzler’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and many others offering both Western and Thai cuisine. Kad Suan Kaew also has a multiple screen cinema that puts up both Thai and English movies. However, Thai movies are more predominant here. The mall also has a hotel connected to it, which makes it very easy for its guests to shop around in the mall’s cool interior.…

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How to Make Best Use of Promotional Clothing?

With the help of many methods and strategies, the business owners try to promote their products and services in front of their clients. They try to promote company’s services, products etc. Numbers of ways are involved in the process of promoting. Making use of promotional clothing is also an effective and efficient way of business promotion. The company’s symbol will be printed on the clothes and these clothes involve different outfits such as shirts, t-shirts, caps, jackets etc. The firm generally distributes such clothes free of cost to the clients, customers and others. This will help to create awareness among customers about the business.

Various types of printing techniques are used to get the prints on shirts of t-shirts. Some famous techniques are Direct to garment printing or screen-printing. If the order is placed in bulk, the customer is sure to get a good discount on many deals. Such printing is not used only for the purpose of promotion but also it can be used to create customized garments, which are good for some special kind of occasion. This kind of printing can also be used to create a customized theme for Hen party t-shirts.

Many stores help in creating many different types of customized clothing for clients or for many companies. They will help the clients with many samples too. The person who wants to get a piece needs to find out different patterns and has to finalize which one will look best. These companies will also provide prints on different uniforms Ireland. The college outfits will be printed with the name of institutes, the classes etc. on it. Asking for some discount from these online suppliers is a good option. Generally, on many festivals these companies offer huge discounts that are going to help the buyers.…

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Cape Town – Home of Vibrant Shopping Malls

Cape Town – Home of Vibrant Shopping Malls

Shopping in South Africa is an inexpensive activity because of favorable exchange rate and low production cost. South African cities offer you the best shopping experience of your life. Cape Town is an ideal place for shopping as a number of shopping malls, shops and markets offer so many things to buy. The most talented and creative gold designers live in Cape Town so you can expect the latest designs of gold jewellery to buy. In addition to this, Cape Town offers numerous shopping malls, which sell each and every thing of your interest.

If you are planning to visit Cape Town then this article will guide you about the must visit Cape Town shopping malls which are given below.

Cape Quarter

Cape Quarter is the home of fashion, medicine, beauty and art stores. Its building is the typical example of South African architecture and is located in one of the busiest areas of Cape Town. You can see several shops, restaurants and offices around the building, which keep the area busy. Cape Quarter can easily be accessed by foot, taxi or bus. The whole building is covered with security and CCTV cameras.

V&A waterfront

In term of shopping V&A waterfront is considered the most energetic place of the city. The most interesting thing about the mall is its location. It is located between Robben Island and Table Mountain and is surrounded by restaurants, pubs, shops, cinemas, theatres and craft markets etc. So the geographical location of V&A waterfront shouts itself that how attractive that mall would be.

Cavendish Square

Cavendish Square is located in Southern suburbs in the up market suburb of Claremont. It’s an award winning mall as it consists of 250 of the best stores of South Africa. Here you can buy the latest accessories related to fashion. Cavendish Square mall is highly secured areas, you can see several security personals providing security to the customers. Either you want to buy white hat or black skirt, Cavendish Square mall has everything for you.

Canal Walk

With more than 400 stores, Canal Walk is famous among local and international tourists. Jewellery, art, fashion, shoes, leather, music and several other type of stores make the mall, a must visit place for shopping lover. Getting all these things under one roof gives an awesome shopping experience.

Tyger Valley shopping Centre

Tyger Valley, a bustling and vibrant shopping Centre, is located just 10 minutes drive away from the city centre. With almost 270 stores, it also houses a bank, foreign exchange bureau, medical house and 10 cinemas. The place that incorporates the bank, entertainment, food and shopping is easily accessible by foot, taxi and bus from the city center.

In addition to these centers, Willow Bridge shopping center, Gardens Centre, Constantia Village shopping centre, Blue Route Mall, Long Beach Mall and Adlephi Centre are some other must visit shopping malls. Most of the Cape Town’s shopping centers have foreign exchange bureau so foreign currency is not a problem for any one.…

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The Sean John Regime

One of the most popular and in-demand brands of urban clothing lines today is the Sean John Clothing. Sean John Clothing is an American brand of urban and hip hop clothing line founded by of the moguls of hip hop generations, sean john Combs.

As a popular hip hop artist in its time, sean john combs became one of the most prominent personalities not only in rap music but also in hip hop fashion. The rise of hip-pop in the late-1990s, primarily the work of Sean “Diddy” Combs, known locally around New York at that time as the “Shiny Suit Man” brought elements such as loud, flashy PVC aviator inspired suits and platinum jewelry to the forefront of hip hop in an effort to add a new vivid dimension of color and flash to the videos produced as a marketing tool.

As one of the founders that brought hip hop fashion to the mainstream, along with Karl Kani and FUBU, Sean John Clothing became the center for fashion and style in no time at all.

In 1998, Combs decided to launch a signature collection of sportswear under his name sean john. Since its launch, Sean John has enjoyed critical and commercial success with revenues now exceeding $100 million annually. Through the support of both the fashion community and retailers, Sean John has quickly grown from an urban label to an international brand.

In February 2001, Sean John produced the first nationally televised runway show during Fall Fashion Week when it simultaneously aired live on E! Television and the Style Network. During fashion week in February 2002, the New York Times ran a front page story on Sean John. In 2004, Sean John invested in the high-end label Zac Posen.

Because of its unending success, sean john clothing is now known as Sean John Clothing inc. a clothing and fragrance line owned by hip-hop mogul sean sohn combs and supermarket mogul Ron Burkle.

One major release made by sean john was in November 2008, where he launched his latest men’s perfume under the Sean John brand called I Am King. On November 24th, 2008, he unveiled a new Times Square billboard for the I Am King line to replace his iconic Sean John ad. The giant billboard is currently the largest print ad in Times Square.…

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Why Use A Fashion Mall Today?

Why Use A Fashion Mall Today?

A fashion mall can be a good place to go for that fashion face lift that you have been yearning for. Being a more fashion inclined shopping center; you can find all sorts of fashion products from clothing, to shoes, accessories and jewelry. These malls are very ideal for the choosy shopper who wants to keep up with the latest trends in the market. Unfortunately, this skewed outlook towards fashion makes most of the stores and shops within these malls quite expensive. Unlike getting your cloths and other fashion wear from an ordinary shopping mall, you end up paying a little more handsomely here.

Most fashion based malls are structured in to departments. In each department, you will find a set of related products shops and stores. For instance, you may find several jewel shops tucked in to one area within the mall. This is quite advantageous to the shopper because besides being able to compare similar products in fashion, you also easily compare prices of the same product from different outlets. Some popular departments in such malls include accessories, beauty, kids, tall and plus sizes, teen, men wear, shoes, women, house and home, and jewelry departments among others. As obviously implied, each of these departments will have shops offering specific kinds of products suited for a specific group of people.

Another advantageous feature about fashion malls is that you can easily shop for brands. Since they are structured in to departments, you can be able to go to a specific department, and then narrow down your choice of what you want to buy by the brand name. For instance, if you want to buy some sports shoes for your kids, you would ideally enter in to the kids department section of the mall, then identify the shops therein that sell kids shoes. Then in this small number of shops, you identify the one that specifically sells your ideal brand of shoes, say for example, Nike. This saves you a lot of time moving around looking for the branded items that you desire.

For the person who loves privacy, these fashion malls are also very ideal. Due to the expensive nature of the products being sold in them, most people keep off, preferring to go to the ordinary shopping malls for their shopping needs. As a result, there is limited traffic to these high end shopping centers. You can therefore, shop with your privacy and convenience being at peak. This is also true for the person who feels refined and a person who values high fashion, unique items and values social status and class. Shopping in fashion malls leaves you with that feeling of importance and wealth. After all, you can afford to shop where most other people cannot even afford to go. You can even go ahead and brag a little about your shopping escapades to your friends just to get the kicks out of it.

All said, not all fashion malls are the same. Some will emphasize on fashion and trend items, but others will only use the name for the sake of attracting clients and customers. Some of these fashion shopping centers will even go to the lengths of hosting regular fashion shows just to entice potential customers to visit them. The bottom line is that you should do your due diligence, find out if the fashion mall offers what you need, and look in to cost affordability depending on your financial status.

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Men’s Fashion Trends in the 70s

The 70s fashion looks as attractive as the contemporary fashion. In fact, the 70s fashion was a great way to show off your free spirit personality. In the 1970s, people like to wear frayed jeans because they were trendy. The tie dye shirts and blouses were quite popular as well. It was also the time of the creation of the mini-skirt, a very short skirt that only barely covered a lady’s backside. This was fashion that showed off and flaunted women’s new found sexual liberation and the close-fitting and skimpy clothing was one area which really excelled at it.A�
A�The Seventies also changed the way in which people shopped for clothing. Stores tended to put clothing where they felt it was convenient for them. For example, they might keep all the dresses in one area, all the shirts in another and all the skirts in the corner. During the 70s, retailers began to explore other options. One trend that really picked up was by placing clothing that complimented each other close by. Another that went was to place products by color, so that colors that worked well together were always close by. These simple changes were loved by the public who now found knowing what looked good much easier.
The mid-70s, around 1975, saw in the introduction of the bell-bottom trousers. These were trousers with enormous hems, often also called flares. By the end of the 70s, these bell-bottom trousers had begun to narrow out, but they would still be around for a fair few years. A�The popular colors of the 70s involved a lot of emarald/bottle green and plain white. White was also popular during the 80s, where it also found its way into suits and other formal-wear.
Although it was generally a positive and fun time for fashion, the 70s also had its fair share of fashion mistakes. First up was the poncho. These over-all style clothing were originally used by campers, hikers and explorers because of the lightweight, waterproof and windproof protection that they could quickly offer should the weather take a negative turn. Unfortunately, it was pushed as a legitimate piece of designer clothing A�for women. A�Luckily it did not last too long, although it fared better on children where the utilitarian use was more apt.
Overall, the 1970s was a good decade for men’s fashion and designer clothing. Although it was not quite as memorable as the 1960s it certainly was not as hated as the 1980s. It gave us many great styles, some of which are still in use today. Music was a great motivator in this time, which can be seen with the very ‘slick’ trends.…