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The inner garments of a woman are referred to as lingerie. Though lingerie is a French term, yet it is widely used in English language these days. People in all the countries adore and wear these garments. It is more popular in countries of Europe as well as United States than other countries of the world. Lingerie makes the women feel and look sexy. For this, a woman should wear lingerie in which she is comfortable. In comfortable lingerie, one can easily highlight her best attributes. The erotic lingerie plays a very significant role in increasing the charm of a romantic night.

A woman who wants to exploit her vital stats can display herself on sexy lingerie. Men adore the women in sexy lingerie and a woman can be flooded with praises if she is wearing sexy lingerie made up of nylon or lace. The best lingerie covers the women?s body smartly so that men imagine the women in multiple poses and scenes. These lingerie increases the flow of adrenalin in a man. A woman should wear lingerie in which she is comfortable and confident. If she is not confident then she will not be able to catch any men in the trap of her beauty and sensuality.

One can purchase lingerie of the fabric that she finds to be the best. Multiple designs and fabrics of the lingerie give unique feelings on the wearers. A woman can purchase a teddies, halter tops, bustiers, thongs, corsets and baby doll lingerie. She can found pantyhose or any other type of lingerie in fabrics like silk, cotton, nylon, polyester and vinyl. One can found lingerie of leather as well. It is best to wear lingerie in which a woman looks most seductive. A lady who feels uncomfortable to buy lingerie from the online stores can easily log on to the website of any online store that sells lingerie.

To buy lingerie online or from a departmental store one should be careful about the size, design and the style of the lingerie. One should never compromise for the price of the lingerie. It is always advisable to buy lingerie of an authentic brand. An overweight person can buy lingerie which make her look attractive.

Men love to fantasize their dream girls in sexy and erotic lingerie. They want to gift them lingerie. To decide which is the most erotic lingerie for the girl of dreams one can visit the site of . They have pictures of models wearing multiple types of lingerie. One can easily decide in which his love will look elegant and seductive.

The women can also come to this site to see in which lingerie they can look appealing to her husband or boyfriend. Any visitor should not forget to rate the pictures of the lingerie models. One who is willing to become a lingerie model can send their pictures wearing lingerie to this site. There is a monthly contest and the model who wins the contest becomes the miss nylon stockings of for the month.…

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The Sean John Regime

One of the most popular and in-demand brands of urban clothing lines today is the Sean John Clothing. Sean John Clothing is an American brand of urban and hip hop clothing line founded by of the moguls of hip hop generations, sean john Combs.

As a popular hip hop artist in its time, sean john combs became one of the most prominent personalities not only in rap music but also in hip hop fashion. The rise of hip-pop in the late-1990s, primarily the work of Sean “Diddy” Combs, known locally around New York at that time as the “Shiny Suit Man” brought elements such as loud, flashy PVC aviator inspired suits and platinum jewelry to the forefront of hip hop in an effort to add a new vivid dimension of color and flash to the videos produced as a marketing tool.

As one of the founders that brought hip hop fashion to the mainstream, along with Karl Kani and FUBU, Sean John Clothing became the center for fashion and style in no time at all.

In 1998, Combs decided to launch a signature collection of sportswear under his name sean john. Since its launch, Sean John has enjoyed critical and commercial success with revenues now exceeding $100 million annually. Through the support of both the fashion community and retailers, Sean John has quickly grown from an urban label to an international brand.

In February 2001, Sean John produced the first nationally televised runway show during Fall Fashion Week when it simultaneously aired live on E! Television and the Style Network. During fashion week in February 2002, the New York Times ran a front page story on Sean John. In 2004, Sean John invested in the high-end label Zac Posen.

Because of its unending success, sean john clothing is now known as Sean John Clothing inc. a clothing and fragrance line owned by hip-hop mogul sean sohn combs and supermarket mogul Ron Burkle.

One major release made by sean john was in November 2008, where he launched his latest men’s perfume under the Sean John brand called I Am King. On November 24th, 2008, he unveiled a new Times Square billboard for the I Am King line to replace his iconic Sean John ad. The giant billboard is currently the largest print ad in Times Square.…

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Men’s Fashion Trends in the 70s

The 70s fashion looks as attractive as the contemporary fashion. In fact, the 70s fashion was a great way to show off your free spirit personality. In the 1970s, people like to wear frayed jeans because they were trendy. The tie dye shirts and blouses were quite popular as well. It was also the time of the creation of the mini-skirt, a very short skirt that only barely covered a lady’s backside. This was fashion that showed off and flaunted women’s new found sexual liberation and the close-fitting and skimpy clothing was one area which really excelled at it.A�
A�The Seventies also changed the way in which people shopped for clothing. Stores tended to put clothing where they felt it was convenient for them. For example, they might keep all the dresses in one area, all the shirts in another and all the skirts in the corner. During the 70s, retailers began to explore other options. One trend that really picked up was by placing clothing that complimented each other close by. Another that went was to place products by color, so that colors that worked well together were always close by. These simple changes were loved by the public who now found knowing what looked good much easier.
The mid-70s, around 1975, saw in the introduction of the bell-bottom trousers. These were trousers with enormous hems, often also called flares. By the end of the 70s, these bell-bottom trousers had begun to narrow out, but they would still be around for a fair few years. A�The popular colors of the 70s involved a lot of emarald/bottle green and plain white. White was also popular during the 80s, where it also found its way into suits and other formal-wear.
Although it was generally a positive and fun time for fashion, the 70s also had its fair share of fashion mistakes. First up was the poncho. These over-all style clothing were originally used by campers, hikers and explorers because of the lightweight, waterproof and windproof protection that they could quickly offer should the weather take a negative turn. Unfortunately, it was pushed as a legitimate piece of designer clothing A�for women. A�Luckily it did not last too long, although it fared better on children where the utilitarian use was more apt.
Overall, the 1970s was a good decade for men’s fashion and designer clothing. Although it was not quite as memorable as the 1960s it certainly was not as hated as the 1980s. It gave us many great styles, some of which are still in use today. Music was a great motivator in this time, which can be seen with the very ‘slick’ trends.…

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Fashioning A Fashion Career

Aside from being model or a Hollywood A-lister, perhaps there is no other career more glamorous or exciting as fashion design. Most people conceive of a career in fashion designing as merely drinking cocktails, dressing celebrities up and attending chi-chi affairs. But fashion designing is more than that. Fashion is not just about clothes design either; designers pursue other interests like shoes, accessories, or bag designs. Of course, nothing gives a designer glory than a famous celebrity wearing and acknowledging her creations. Excited about pursuing a fashion designing career? Don’t grab your pencil and paper yet, there is more to designing than just drawing.

In setting up a fashion design business, a budding designer needs to know the basics. Knowledge and experience in designing, drawing, sketching, and CAD applications are necessary to facilitate design illustrations. Expertise in sewing, embroidery, and detailing are important and give a young designer advantage over starting competitors. Of course, knowledge in textiles, fabrics, and clothing technology are also requirements. Certification from design schools and workshops give additional points for a budding designer but are not really necessary.

Possessing the above-mentioned skills does not guarantee fashion designing success. These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in starting your own fashion business. As a starting fashion designer, you must identify the type of design you are interested in pursuing. Whether it is clothes, accessories, bags, or shoes design, it is important to equip yourself with the know-how of that particular industry. Also, defining your market is a vital step. Are you going to concentrate on women, teens, kids, men, or be a general designer? Some starting designers opt to concentrate on a special market by being a formal wear designer or a bridal gown designer. General designers however, usually get the most profits since they cater to everyone. Employees are also crucial part of your planning stage. Starting design businesses opt to open their own store and hire their own pattern-makers, sewers, and staff. Others choose to do consignment and affiliate themselves with department stores and boutiques. Custom and per-order designing are the usual pursuits of budding designers. Fashion business experts recommend the latter two to most starting fashion design business as these require less capital and workforce.

But still, there is nothing like the thrill of working close to top models and famous designers. To jumpstart a fashion design career quickly, applying as an employee in a fashion house is another option. Positions for entry-level applicants are usually pattern makers, sample maker, and sketcher. The key is to see these lowly positions as training ground for your fashion empire. To apply for these jobs, it is important to prepare an impressive portfolio with your designs and pictures of finished products from past customers. Fashion house managers agree that they tend to look for individuals with great style and flair for fashion. So dressing the part for interviews and applicant workshops help a lot.…