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Shopping Online Fashion

Apple Bottoms

The Apple Bottoms clothing line was created by multi-platinum superstar Nelly with the belief that the natural curves of a woman should be celebrated. His entire mission with the Apple Bottoms is to liberate the natural curves and women of all shapes and sizes and set a trend about the beauty of a woman?s body.

The belief behind the Apple Bottoms is that woman shouldn?t have to attempt to fit into their clothes. They believe that the clothes should fit the natural silhouette of a woman. The style of the Apple Bottoms clothing line is to accentuate all of the curves of women. Nelly personally is involved in the designing of each of the products from his line to ensure each product is the way he believes it should be.

In 2003, Nelly decided he needed an Apple Bottoms dream team and he created it with pals Yomi Martin and Ian Kelly. This team kicked off a campaign to hold a nationwide model search to find what would be known as the ?Apple Bottoms Girl.? This event was televised on VH1 and became one of the most popular shows of 2003. The jeans became so popular that they sold out in as little as two weeks. Because of the attention the search for the Apple Bottoms girl caused the company immediately gained national media attention which resulted in major growth. This caused the company to expand their product line from fashion focused denim with signature apple pockets. These Apple jeans extended the boundaries of denim because they focused on women?s curves and soon became a cutting edge collection.

Many celebrities favor the Apple Bottoms clothing line jeans like Oprah, Fergie, Vivica Fox, Ashanti, and more. Today Apple Bottoms is not only well known for their signature jean enhancing a woman?s figure but for other products also. They have many other lines such as sunglasses, scrubs, optical, swimsuits, intimates, footwear, jewelry, handbags and other accessories, children?s line, and sportswear.

Apple Bottoms is a successful clothing line designed by Nelly and he has done a fantastic job because he believes the clothes should fit the women not that the women should fit into the clothes.…

Shopping Online Fashion

Why Online Shopping Is Becoming a Trend

Online shopping is getting converted into a trend these days. The reason is simple and straight forward – Busy life and the need to save time.
However there are some more reasons behind the rising popularity of online shopping.
1. Shop from your comfort zone: Whether you are enjoying vacations near a beach resort or you choose to shop from the luxuries of your cozy sofa, you can shop anytime of the day or night. Just visit any reliable e-commerce website, choose your shopping item list, make the payment through your card and cherish the items delivered at your doorsteps within few hours or days.
2. Shop variety: There are myriad of things that are available for you over the internet. Compare the prices and their USP’s of the available products and order the offering giving you the best bargains.
3. Stock issue: You are walking though the corridors of a mall and suddenly a gorgeous looking Barbie doll attracts you but the irony is that you cannot purchase it then and there, as you are running short of money.
Again when you came armed with cash the shopkeeper says “The doll is out of stock”. You return empty- handed. This is not the case with web stores as there are multiple sites offering the same product with ample of stocks. Shop anywhere you like over the net without thinking about stock issues. This is the beauty of online shopping.
4. Search wording made shopping easy: The day when search engines appeared in the planet everything got easier. They take no time to give you the best available information about any product or service. The reason to cheer is that you don’t have to travel physically to every nook and corner. Just enter few search words or phrases and you are prompted with myriad of items available online.
Roses come with thorns! There are some tips or limitations with online shopping.
1. If you follow brick and mortar shopping religiously then online shopping is not for you as you are not able to touch and inspect the item or product.
2. Know about the seller in advance you are going to trust.
3. Compare the shipping charges.
4. Review the return policy.
Now some tips that a professional merchant site is expected to have:
1. Clear photographs of all your products and their compelling description highlighting their benefits.
2. Testimonials for genuinely satisfied customers.
3. Banners certifying your online shop.
4. Secure and encrypted bank or credit card transaction processing.
5. Money back guarantee.
6. Transparency in shipping costs.
7. User friendly return policy.…

Shopping Online Fashion

Fashion Designer Job Outlook Things To Consider

There can be many things to consider in terms of the current fashion designer job outlook. Individuals that are very interested in physical appearance usually are very good at this job. These individuals have an eye for detail and are trying to make people look their best. There are many different things that a person can do with a degree in this profession.
If an individual has a passion for creating clothing lines they will be able to establish themselves within the profession. Individuals are allowed to show their creativity in many different ways. Being able to create something that a wide variety of people wear is very interesting.
If people are more comfortable with the written word they have the option of becoming a journalist within the profession. Being able to inform people about the things that are trendy can be very exciting. Many times people are comfortable sharing their opinions about clothing styles with the public.
An individual can live anywhere in the world and be able to use this profession to their advantage. People also have the opportunity to work for themselves if they are interested in starting their own company. There is a certain level of fame and notoriety that can come with this kind of work.
Many individuals like the fact that they can start working on multiple projects at the same time. The ability to work on more than one project at a time is usually interesting to the majority of people involved in this profession. Most individuals appreciate the opportunity to impact a whole generation of people.
People also have the opportunity to work with the entertainment community in some cases. This is a great opportunity for people that are trying to start new trends. Sometimes people like the freedom to create new clothing options for a whole generation. Individuals that are creative usually need an outlet for their creativity.
People that have no of them seeing the positive sides of the fashion designer job outlook. Everyone needs clothing, therefore it is easy to see that the industry will keep expanding. It is always a good idea to have access to a job that is constantly going to be in demand. When someone has the ability to create new ideas they will usually have a high level of self-esteem. Individuals that have high self-esteem are quite often very productive within the workplace. Productivity leads to earning more money in the long run.…

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Five Fashion Tips To Flatter Your Plus-size Figure

Finding chic and stylish clothing in plus sizes is easier than ever-thanks to more companies that offer fashion-forward designs. But some women still wonder how to make these trend-right designs work for their plus-size figures.

Christine Alt, a top model who helped establish the plus-size modeling industry, understands what plus-size women want and need from their fashions.

“I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to sort through racks of baggy, bulky clothes,” explains Alt. “As a plus-size woman, I want to wear what looks good on me and what works for my body. I’m excited to share a few secrets that I’ve picked up in the fashion industry that will help women find clothes to accentuate their curves and give them confidence in the way they look.”

Alt’s top five tips will help flatter your plus-size figure:

� Hit the scene in jeans: Find the style that flatters your figure. Try a pair of boot-cut jeans-with a slight flare at the bottom-to create a slimming silhouette. Regardless of the shape or style, jeans should be the go-everywhere, do-anything staple in your wardrobe.

� Go long: For a relaxed look, choose a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt that hits below the hips. Details such as tie sleeves, embroidery and keyhole necklines help draw attention to the upper half of your body-away from areas you’re trying to cover up.

� Wrap things up: Figure-hugging fabrics like matte jersey and mock-wrap dresses make women feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Stretchy fabrics create shapes and curves, and drape to enhance all the right areas.

� Work it, woman: Trade your basic black business suit for more updated, stylish career clothing. Try a crisp white shirt with a bold print skirt or a buttonless blazer with slim-leg pants for a chic twist on classic professional attire.

� Underneath it all: The key to looking your best is starting with the basics. A well-fitting bra that doesn’t dig, pull or tug is the secret weapon that begins every flattering outfit.

Christine Alt models the latest fashions-great for a night on the town.…

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Have It Made Your Way With Sexy Prom Dresses Designs

Designing your own prom dress can be an exciting experience! This article is going to give you some great tips so you too can be a showpiece at your prom! When you design your own prom dress there is no greater joy than wearing your own creation, and you’re also going to enjoy numerous glances filled with admiration. You can make sexy prom dresses and you don’t need a degree in fashion to be able to do it. Do you have the courage to be creative and innovative? You’ll also need to believe that you can create the best possible for yourself. When it comes to the prom, there’s probably no other occasion that focuses on the importance of a dress more. Don’t be shy, but remember to always seek advice from the experts who should include your local designer, older siblings, parents, or basically someone who is knowledgeable with materials and fabrics. If you’re looking for some guidelines to follow, read these carefully before you attempt to design your own dress.

? Make a list, along with a sketch of the accessories you’re going to need, including purse, jewelry, footwear etc.

? Take a pad of paper and pencil and sketch the designs you have in mind. Keeping in mind every detail that comes across your mental picture of the dress you want to wear on prom night and how you would design your own prom dress.

? Pickup catalogs and visit various brick-and-mortar stores as well as internet web sites until you’ve exhausted all of the resources for creating your imagined designs.

? After you have sketched sexy prom dresses until you can’t sketch anymore, and there don’t seem to be any more ideas coming forth, put them aside for a few days and ponder on them.

? Go back and look at them a few days to a week later and pick out the ones that you like the most and you definitely want to wear to the prom.

? Remember to get the opinions of others by showing them your favorite dress designs and ask them to rank from top to bottom. You may have a pleasant surprise in store as they even may pick the one that you have in mind.

? After you’ve selected the one you want, visit your tailor and show him or her the sketch, pick out your fabric, and remember to have them measure you carefully so you don’t over-purchase fabric. It can be expensive. Always be open to their professional opinion to improvise on your pattern, if necessary.

? Buy all that is required to bring your dress into reality and hand it over to your tailor and ask for a trial fit before the dress is put through the finishing process.

? Don’t purchase any accessories until your dress is done and then you can buy matching cosmetics, jewelry, footwear, purse, etc.

Here are a few ideas for design your own prom dress theme.

? Miss Hollywood shows your sense of style with a designer-inspired gown

? If you’re not into a proto-typical prom dress, opt for a cool cocktail dress

? Lady-in-waiting adds elegant trains and serious punch

? A celebrity favorite is a sheath dress and they are as comfortable as they are glamorous

? Va-Va-Voom is ultra feminine and is a great hip hugging gown

? Stemming from the summer prairies skirt rage, tiered skirts have made a serious comeback

? The little black dress is a classic, so take your cue from Audrey Hepburn

? The high and low dress has a short hem in the front and is longer in the back and is truly unique and adorable

? Sans Straps are sexy prom dresses that have become all the rage and are almost a prom staple. They will flatter your figure, and are sassy and classy all at the same time.

? And finally for the Cinderella look, a bouffant skirt with an otherwise simple top combination. This type of gown requires minimal accessories, and you’re going to have every eye on you.

You’re going to feel so excited and vibrant after your dress is completed, and it should be something that let’s you be yourself. When you design your own prom dress, there can be a great deal of satisfaction involved, and you’re going to feel confident when you go your special night.…

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Jewelry Wearing Rules in Working Time

It is essential and necessary to build a good image in our working life, while how to select jewelry and how to match jewelry play an important role in it. If your wear an exaggerate and strange jewelry in working, you may make your colleagues uncomfortable. So we should learn how to choose jewelry that makes you outstanding without ostentatious.

Rule 1: the jewelry we wearing in working time shall abide by the most basic principle that will not interfere with work, so when we choose the jewelry, we should avoid choosing too dazzling and glittering jewelry, so as to adapt to the office’s serious working environment; At the same time, long pendant or necklace is untimely, because it’s likely to be hooked, which not only reduce the work efficiency, also can give others bring troubles.

Rule 2: your whole dressing should give your customer a sense of trust and reliability so as to establish a good relationship and maintain cooperation with customer. So it is suggested to choose solemn jewelry. Taking long earrings for example, it can makes women’s neck more beautiful and show the tenderness of women, but it is not matched with office environment, and it may cause inconvenience in a telephone conversation. So, even if you quite like this jewelry, it’s better for you taking it off before your entering the office.

Rule 3: it had better not to wear jewelry that can make noisy. If your jewelry makes annoying sound when you are in working just like high-heeled in the library when you are reading, which will break the office’s quiet and affects your colleagues’ working emotion. It’s better to take off it immediately.

Rule 4: when we decorate ourselves, we should remember only to make a highlight rather than decorate like Christmas tree hanging too much things. Therefore, in the selection of accessories, we should only emphasize “simple” and “easy” jewelry, which can show you well without any “troubles”.

Next I will introduce three OL jewelry “weapons”.

NO. 1: belt.

In the selection of the accessories, basically we all have to face such a problem – which accessories can make us most outstanding? According to our inertia thinking, it is estimated that many women will answer necklace and earrings. Of course, we can’t say this answer is wrong, but with the H shaped skirt is more and more popular, belts begin to play an important role. In matching, you can choose bright beautiful skirt to display the vitality, and belt should be a feature with sedate, can not only make the waist line is more outstanding, also can increase the sense of balance, avoid too ostentatious.

NO. 2: exquisite stud earring.

Stud Earring is the most classical in the jewelry; it is cheaper than necklace, more outstanding than rings. Such a small and delicate stud earring can bring you charm without disturbing your work. Because of its small size, it has high requirements in texture; plastic earrings are not suitable for office lady’s quality and image, it is suggested to choose platinum gold or silver texture with a small diamond or pearl stud earrings.

NO. 3: brooch.

The color and design of suits we wear in the working time are serious, which is easy to give people an inflexible impression. Our daily wearing the dress not only color are more would be much better, If you pin an exquisite brooch in your suits collar or your chest.…