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Streetshirts Making for Beginners

Tshirts are among the most common clothing articles people own and use on a daily basis. They are comfortable, low-maintenance and applicable for any type of activity or destination. And as such, they are also popularly sold by many shops. The best part about tshirts is that you can reinvent them. Hence, they never go out of style and they never lose their relevance. They are like food given the fact that they can be sold by thousands and each resource will still get significant patronization. With this in mind, you are hardly to blame if you feel attracted to the idea ofstreetshirts making and starting your own line.

But of course, before you could really move forward with the idea, you will need to figure out first how to make them. There are plenty of methods you can apply. All you have to do is figure out which you find more comfortable doing and which your budget permits you to pursue. Screen printing is among the most popular and traditional modes of creating unique tshirts. And all you need to acquire are textile paint, a make shift screen with wood boarders, a squeegee (they’ll know what you mean when you visit an arts and crafts store), craft knife, masking tape, and of course, a cotton shirt.

The first thing you need to do is come up with a design that you can easily form out from paper, using a craft knife. You don’t have to complicate things in the beginning. You could raw out hearts or flowers and then cut out the pattern. Once you have it, you then take your screen and mask off the edges of the underside – the one that will be in contact with the shirt – so that the paper edges don’t get accidentally formed on the shirt as you are applying it over the mesh. But see to it that you don’t tape your stencil to your mesh completely.

The third step would be to lay your tshirt on a flat surface and then the paper stencil on it, with the screen on top. Once everything is stable and centered, apply a chunk of fabric ink on the top edge of your screen and then holding the screen down firmly; spread the ink from one corner to the opposite edge using the squeegee. Make sure to apply some pressure so that the paint really seeps through the screen and attaches to the fabric. To make the distribution comes off easy, position the squeegee at a 45?? angle. Do this repeatedly until you think the ink has been properlysmeared on the streetshirt. And then put away the squeegee carefully.

Leave it for a few minutes and afterwards, while holding the fabric down with one hand, lift up the screen from the bottom going away to reveal the semi-finished product. If the stencil sticks to the screen, carefully pull it out and then wash the screen immediately to avoid letting the paint harden. Use a sponge to wash it off and then let it air dry with the tshirt you just made. If the stencil gets ruined, don’t worry about it. Just make another one if you wish to indulge in more streetshirts making projects.…