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Great Shopping Venues in Coventry

Great Shopping Venues in Coventry

Situated to the south east of Birmingham, Coventry is one of the biggest cities in England. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise then to learn that it has countless shops and outlets to visit if you feel the need to spend some money.

The West Orchards Shopping Centre always draws big crowds, typically made from people who are visiting the area as well as those who live there. It is packed with all the famous name shops you would expect to find in such a centre, and it also has the bonus of being undercover so you don’t have to worry about what the weather is doing outside.

It also has plenty of eateries and restaurants to arouse your taste buds once you’ve been shopping for a while and worked up an appetite. The Food Court is dedicated to making sure you can get rid of those hunger pangs before heading back to the shops once more.

If you enjoy browsing round fashion outlets and good bargains are on your list of things to buy, make sure you visit the Lower Precinct Shopping Centre. This is very popular among visitors and it has two floors to keep you busy for hours.

The venue itself is quite compact and square shaped, so everything is easy to find and gain access to. There is also the added bonus of having the Coventry Indoor Market close by as well, so you are getting two great shopping experiences in one.

Of course some stores are bigger than others, and there are few bigger than Ikea, which has opened in Coventry. The store is set just off Croft Road inside the ring road, so it has easy access no matter how you choose to get there.

This is one store that offers virtually a whole day out shopping experience if you choose. With breakfast available first thing and a showroom and market place to look round, you can guarantee that you’ll be spending plenty of time dreaming about all the things you could buy. Not to mention actually going ahead and buying a few things of course!

Perhaps one of the best shopping experiences of all is the one to be found in Spon Street. This often takes the name of Mediaeval Spon Street, and when you first see it you will discover why.

There are plenty of modern and individual shops here, but they are the latest in a long line of shops that have been here throughout several centuries. Even in the 1100s the area was thriving with people going about their daily work.

If you are planning on having a shopping weekend in Coventry, make sure you stay in one of the hotels in Coventry. That way you will be right in the middle of the best shopping experiences the city has to offer.