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Leather Handbags

There?s no such thing as too many leather bags. Because of their durable fabric, and how wear-and-tear actually add texture and actually make them look better, leather bags are the ideal for ?everyday? use?perfect for everything from work to the church cake bake.

In fact, if you?re going to spend thousands of pounds on a designer bag, then get classic brown or black leather bags. It?s the best, and most practical, fashion investment you can make.

Leather bags come in many shapes, colors and styles. Aside from the basic black and brown leather bags, you can also find dyed leather bags in every shade from baby pink to a bright lime green. These ?trendier? leather bags are great for adding a little spice and style to the standard suit.

Designers are also injecting a lot of playfulness into their lines of leather bags, by incorporating other fabrics and unusual accents.

You?ll see leather bags with Swarovski crystals and metal studs, leather bags with faux fur trim, leather bags with fine Indian embroidery, leather bags with jewel-encrusted buckles.

Designers are also developing new shapes, including 2005?s hobo bag and messenger bag. This indicates that leather bags, while classic, can still be very, very ?now.?

How can you distinguish authentic leather bags from fakes? The smell. Genuine leather has a distinct aroma that faux leather just can?t fake.

Quality leather bags should also be free of any scratches, scuffmarks or fine lines.

Leather bags will last you a lifetime if you take care of it properly. Don?t store leather bags in damp, dark places as the material will crack and flake (and periodically take the leather bags out to aerate them).

Leather bags should be wrapped in soft tissue before storage to avoid scratches.

If stained, leather bags should be brought to the drycleaner?s?don?t submerge in the wash, as leather bags take a while to dry and can get moldy!

If you?re a working woman, ideally you should own at least 4 types of leather bags: structured leather bags (like a purse or shoulder bag) for the office, larger leather bags for travel, and rectangular leather bags for documents and files.