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Month: June 2021

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Fun Under The Sun With Sun Protective Swimwear And Spf Swimwear

Don?t let the sun catch you with your pants down. The sea is inviting and the lure of the water cannot be resisted. Put on your sun protective swimwear and have fun. No Zone sees to it that the sun doesn?t spoil your fun. It has initiated new level of quality in SPF swim wear.

Because people are now aware of the injurious effects the sun can do in their life. This has led to the urgent need for action on more effective preventive measures. No Zone has responded well to the call. It is just a matter of choosing which sun protective clothing works best for you. Swimming is the most done activity. Sun protective swimwear from No Zone has the most important features to protect your skin in highly intense UV surroundings.

The SPF swimwear, sunscreen, and shade combination is the best way to sun protection. Take the most relevant moves in getting sun protective clothes when swimming like skin coverage, the type of fabric and most especially for comfort and ease of movement, the fit.

The clothing specially made to protect you from the harsh elements also makes life easier for busy moms while protecting themselves. Sun protective swimwear not only protect from the harmful rays of the sun, it also protect the skin from the ocean?s waves and harsh effects. It is form to fit, feels like a second skin. You don?t have to worry anymore about the UV protection from washing or rubbing off. It is cool even worn wet on dry land. This way the child stays on with so much fun with SPF swimwear.

At No Zone the rating of sun protection and the percentage of UV blocked are listed so you can have a choice on the level of protection you require. You will notice that most sun protective fabrics are designed for the country?s blistering summers. They are very ideal for children?s protection from harmful sunrays minus the bother and high cost of muddled sunscreens.

Worry and fretting about the sun is relegated to oblivion with the sun protective swimwear from No Zone. Every member of the family has high protective gear to fit them. It ranges from UV swim suits, protective tights, SPF swimwear, elastic swim shirts, and rompers for the little waders in the family. Then you are ready to splash and not worry about the sun.

No Zone sees to every detail for the most superior quality. The company walks their talk. There is no blabbering about how good their products are. Customers themselves testify and attest to the excellent quality sun protective swimwear it weaves.

It amazing feel of the fabric has made customers gloat in awe. This is 100% guaranteed and assurance and 100% safe and comfortable. It is light weight that it doesn?t put added weight from the water which would make movement a drag.

The products from No Zone are practically supportive of the health and fun of every member of your household. Make your outing fun and trouble free.…

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Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai

Shopping Malls in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the most interesting cities in the North of Thailand, if not in the whole Thailand. It used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna, and you can still find some influences of Lanna culture in Chiang Mai nowadays. The city is very popular among tourists and shoppers in Thailand and abroad. It is shoppers and shopaholics paradise. You can buy almost anything in the city and practically everything in Chiang Mai is cheaper that almost anywhere else in the world.

There are a lot of quality products available in the city, like handicrafts, arts and antiques, but also all kinds of electronic products. One of the most popular places for shopping in the city is the famous Night Bazaar, which attracts people from Thailand and abroad. It is a big market full of all kind of interesting products. There are many markets in the city, but there are also very popular and modern shopping malls in the city.

Central Airport Plaza

The Central Airport Plaza shopping mall is located near the Chiang Mai International Airport. It is also not far from the city center. It is ultra modern mall which is very popular with local people. All the usual big brands have their shops here, but there are also a lot of other shops that sell jewelry, electronic appliances and more products.

The mall has very interesting and nice interiors and it is fully air conditioned which is a great thing in a hot country like Thailand. It is a great place to escape from the heat and tumult of the city and relax with a cup of coffee, tea or one of Thai fruit juices. There are also many great restaurants here, with both Thai and international cuisine. There is also an excellent food plaza where the food is delicious, but quite inexpensive.

Another attraction of the mall is very modern and comfortable movie theater where you can enjoy watching both Thai and foreign movies. Some of the movies are also shown in 3D.

Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall

The Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall is another very popular and modern shopping mall in Chiang Mai. This one is located on 21 Huay Kaew Road. It is also fully air conditioned and it is very popular with young people, but not only. It has very nice Thai decor and as previously described Central Airport Plaza, it is full of all kinds of shops and restaurants. Very good Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel is also located there.

The Promenada Chiang Mai Resort Mall

The Promenada Chiang Mai Resort Mall has not opened yet at the moment of writing. It will open in 2012, but it is already becoming one of the most talked about malls in the city and also in Thailand. It will be a very unique mall, because it will combine an open air shopping in beautiful surroundings with an air conditioned shopping mall. It will be the first resort mall in Thailand and it will most likely become quickly one of the most popular.…

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Buying the Right Engagement Ring

Buying the Right Engagement Ring

Have you made the big decision to tie the knot with the woman of your dreams? Men are usually more agog in preparing for the big proposal “moment” than the actual wedding itself. One of the most important details that entail a big preparation is buying the engagement ring. Of course, you’d only want the perfect diamond that would thrill her no end and make her say a big loud “Yes.”

The engagement ring is as important as the manner of proposing because it becomes the focal point once you’ve popped up the question and even for days after because your bride-to-be will be showing it off to everyone. There are many factors to consider when buying the right engagement ring.

First, you have to set your budget. Knowing how much you are willing to shell out will immediately trim down your choices. Upon entering the jewelry store you can immediately ask the sales clerk to provide you engagement rings within that range of value and from there you can start your selections.

Second, it is best to educate yourself a bit on jewelry and the different characteristics that make an incredible diamond. If you aren’t confident enough to make the assessment yourself, you can ask a friend who’s quite versed with the subject. From your selections, he can suggest which ones are superior to the others.

Third, you have to find out what your fiance-to-be wants in an engagement ring. As we all know, everyone’s taste differs, more so, a man’s to a woman’s. And this you have to do without letting her know about it. You definitely can’t be too obvious and ask her on how she’d want her ring to look like. A few months before the engagement proposal, you can ask her to window shop in jewelry stores and observe the kinds of jewelry that pique her interest. If you’ve known your fiance-to-be well enough, it would be easy to gauge if she’d prefer simple designs to the elaborate ones.

Finally, ask for referrals from your friends on the best and reputable jewelry stores there are around. Check out sale dates so you can save a bit from your purchase without sacrificing what you really want. It can even be possible for you to buy the higher priced item that you set your eye on, during this period because discounts will bring it down to within your allocated budget. Some also offer package discounts when you come back to purchase your wedding rings. Check out promotional pens that shops offer as extra gifts to customers.

The engagement ring shopping process can be made relatively easy and hassle-free even for men who abhor shopping. Ready with the necessary information, your buying decision will come quicker and simpler. You can now, excitedly, go on to the next step of preparing for the engagement proposal, and pull all strings to make it as perfect as the wedding ring you have chosen. Make the engagement proposal an event to remember for everyone. Tokens similar to wedding favors may be given to mark the momentous occasion.…

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The Shopping Mall Stands Tall Even in Today’s Economy

The Shopping Mall Stands Tall Even in Today’s Economy

Since the economic crash, hundreds of retail businesses have had to shutter their doors. While the economy is finally starting to get back on track it is not recovering as fast as most would hope. One area that is actually making a bit of a comeback faster than the average retailer is the local shopping mall. Gained the height of popularity in the mid 1970’s and exploded in the 1980’s as a place where people would congregate to shop and just to hang out. While the social aspects of the shopping mall played a larger part before the economic downturn, the revenue potential is what is driving their rebirth.

Most people think of a shopping mall as a place where you can go to see a national chain, but in smaller towns these mall areas are also housing the start-up businesses in a way that shields these businesses from some harsh realities. An entrepreneur needs to come up with quite a bit of capital when they purchase a stand-alone building for their business. Setting up shop in a mall means that there is already a space that has been set up for a retail business. While placement of a new business’ store front might be up to the landlord rather than the business owner, there is no worry about zoning or filling space the business is not set up for. There is also the added bonus of already having foot traffic, rather than the business needing to try and lure customers out to a remote or seedy location in town.

While the shopping mall is a great investment for businesses, there are plenty of positives for the consumer as well. Less overhead for the business when it comes to leasing a stand-alone business as well as employing their own security force and a host of other items can mean lower prices for the customers. There is also an added bonus of less time and effort spent shopping because of the massive number of stores that are all housed in the same place. Going to a shopping mall means that if you cannot find what you are looking for in one store, you do not have to drive across town to continue the search. The world’s best malls are worrying less about having competing companies and more about making sure the consumer is well represented.

The shopping mall is making its resurgence in American and across the world precisely because of these benefits. More businesses are looking to set up shop in ready-made areas and scores more shoppers are heading to these shopping districts with the intent of only doing their shopping in those areas. A shopping mall done right is a win for those on both sides of the coin. Going forward, malls could be the driving factor in speeding up an economy that is chugging along.…

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Top Tips & Tricks to Caring For Your Pearls

Top Tips & Tricks to Caring For Your Pearls

Pearls are organic in nature, and require different care than their gemstone counterparts. The surfaces of pearls are quite soft, and can be easily scratched if stored incorrectly. With these tips you will learn how to care for your pearls, how to clean your pearls, and how to have your pearls last for generations to come.

Tip 1 – Last on, first off. Pearls should always be the last thing you put on when you are heading out the door, and the first thing you take off when you get home. As pearls are an organic gemstone, many things can easily break them down over time, such as perfume, hairspray, body lotions, creams, as well as some people’s natural body chemistry.

By putting your pearls on last, rather than while you are getting ready, what you are really doing is preserving your pearls, and ensuring that they truly will last for generations to come. If any of the above products, and chemicals got on your pearls every time you wore them, then you will be ensuring that your pearls will not last for very long at all- SO avoid it.

Tip 2 – Do not wear your pearls swimming or in hot tubs. Pearls do not like chemicals, and chemicals do not like them. They are not friends, and never will be, swimming pools and hot tubs are brimming with tons of chemicals, so avoid it.

Tip 3 – Make sure your pearls are knotted. By knotting your pearls, you ensure that there will be no abrasion between the pearls and that they will not rub together. Also, the best part about knotting your pearls is that if by chance your strand does break, you will not lose the entire strand, but only one pearl. It is much easier to match and replace one pearl than an entire strand. Some strands of pearls can take years, and years to put together to find enough pearls that match to make the strand. Knot your pearls – you will thank me later for that one.

Tip 4 – If you wear your pearls often, have your strand re-knotted every 1-2 years max. Again, do you love your pearls? Well then have them re-knotted to know that your pearls are safe and secure. The most common threads used are silk and polyester, silk is more preferable.

Tip 5 – How to tell if your pearls need re-knotting? If you can see a gap in between the pearls and the knots, or see that your silk thread is starting to break down, then it’s time to take them in to your jeweler or pearl company. Before you bring in or ship your pearls, count how many pearls you have on your strand and take a photo of your pearls, as well as your clasp, so you have documentation just in case you need it.

Tip 6 – Do not hang your jewelry. By hanging your necklaces, you will absolutely stretch the thread that they are strung on, which in turn will mean that you will absolutely need to go and have them restrung.

Tip 7 – Store your jewelry in a soft bag on their own, away from other gemstones that could scratch their surface, and out of direct sunlight.…

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Foot Tattoos ? Getting Inked With Discretion

tattoos are the new ?must have? ? everyone wants them and you are definitely not cool if you don?t have at least one. Trouble is not everyone wants to be obvious about it and so you have to be careful about placement. One way round it is to go for a foot tattoo. tattoos for women are notoriously difficult to place appropriately bearing in mind the problems associated with skin stretching during pregnancy (and ageing) and the unfortunate social stigma of lower back tattoos leaves little choice. Foot tattoos are generally regarded as being cute, sexy and discreet. There was a reluctance among tattoo Artists to work on feet because of potential pain and fading problems but modern techniques have alleviated both of these problems.

Foot tattoos are less showy than those in other areas which is important for those who don?t want to be too obvious about their body art. Foot tattoos are perfect to show off when you want to, and cover when you need to. They are less common than those on other parts of the body though that is changing as they are particularly popular with career orientated women who seem to prefer them as they don?t compromise their professional status but still keep up with the social trends outside the workplace. Another large factor is that a skilfully designed tattoo on the foot looks good with modern shoe designs ? especially open toes and strappy sandals. Men do have foot tattoos but not as often as women, mainly because so many areas of the male body are easier to work on.

Design is important when choosing any tattoo as you will be living with it forever, you should be sure that it means something to you and you must consider how you feel about it being on public view! Foot Tattoos are ideal for small or flowing designs and you should always get guidance from the Artist who will be doing it for you. Most designs can be reduced in size if necessary and you can be sure that a good artist will only want to do a tattoo that will look good on you and reflect well on them. If you want a personal design you may have to pay a small deposit to cover the design time but you will end up with something that is unique and special.

Foot Tattoos are generally a little more painful than those on more fleshy areas of the body, for this reason some Artists are still reluctant to do them. There is little flesh over the bones in the foot so any work done on that part of the foot is likely to cause discomfort, especially if you have sensitive feet. Because blood vessels are closer to the surface they can also bleed a little more but a good artist using good equipment will minimise this.

You must be prepared to take extra care of a foot tattoo, both during the healing period and in general. They are more prone to infection which is another reason why some Artists are occasionally unwilling to do them. Your new tattoo needs to be kept clean, dry and free from any irritation whilst it heals. This means that shoes, stockings or socks are to be avoided if at all possible for at least one, and preferably two weeks after the tattoo has been done. This will give time for any swelling to go down and stop rubbing on your new artwork which would blur it or worse still, partially rub it out. If you have any pain or signs of infection in a new foot tattoo get in touch with your Doctor without delay. Even when a foot tattoo has healed well it still tends to get rubbed more by shoes and may fade more quickly that other areas. You should always use a good moisturiser and even then it may need to re-coloured. Sun block is just as important for foot tattoos as it is for those on other parts of the body.

Tattoos are far more of a fashion item now and are accepted as an art form in their own right rather than a social ?badge?. Foot tattoos are more and more becoming the choice of someone who wants a tattoo that is both different and discreet.…

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Are Internet Shopping Malls Replacing Brick and Mortar Ones?

Are Internet Shopping Malls Replacing Brick and Mortar Ones?

To begin with, ecommerce has low overhead and start-up costs thanks in part to inexpensive, yet robust e-commerce software and services on the market. In a slowing economy on-line sales are still growing at triple the rate of store sales. In addition and perhaps more importantly, more and more on-line shoppers are turning to the web instead of paying for gas to go to the mall. On-line shoppers also save time; no walking from store to store price comparing, no standing in long lines to make purchases, and they can shop when ever they like because on-line business are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Most on-line stores offer a free shipping option and many even next day shipping with a minimum purchase requirement; thereby making more easier for shoppers to purchase on-line. Another reason shoppers may prefer to shopping-on-line is because they can read other consumer reviews before they decide to make a purchase. The easy and continuity of shopping-on-line makes brick and mortar business less desirable.

As more on-line shoppers flock to the web to make purchases, more and more small business owners are opting to start an on-line business instead of brick and mortar business. There are great benefits starting an ecommerce are: low start-up costs, endless marketing possibilities, easily traceable results and access to an international audience. Statistics show that on-line ecommerce is quickly outpacing brick and mortar business. All signs indicate that on-line ecommerce business are quickly replacing brick and mortar business.…