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Month: April 2021

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The Power of “V” Into Designer Clothing Industry

Well, I know you are not quite relate into my topic title today which is the power of “V” into designer clothing industry. This topic is relates into the designer brands who are the initials are starts with letter V. This is a total fashion archive when you will know all about fashion designers and their designer clothes brands and lines.
So, as the continuation of my previous topics about the networks of designer clothing brands into the fashion industry, I’m now on the fashion trivia where I can feature out lot of worldwide top Fashion Designers and their Designer Clothing lines for the benefits of fashionista searchers who wants to know what is happening on the fashion world nowadays.
The Power of “V” stands for the five top Designers brands or Fashion Designers which is well known and respected into fashion industry as well as into whole wide world fashion networks. The power of “V” are Versace, Victoria’s Secret, Vivienne Westwood, Via Spiga, and Viviana Soppeno. These are the prime power designer clothing lines that contribute lot of high quality fashion apparels that loved by lot of fashionistas in every fashion cities. Their attributes to fashion industry is now a great trends from the past up to the future.
Let us give wave into tremendous power of “V” designer brands that lights up our colorful fashion statements. Let’s see every pieces they made that enjoys now by models and fashion personalities. This might be a great access to know something about these designer brands. And learn something about knowledge that we can pick up in this blog content.
Here are some excerpt for the power of “V” fashion designers:
As a young boy, Gianni Versace worked as an apprentice at his family’s dressmaking business; it was there that that the future world-famous fashion designer learned to design and make his own clothes, many of which were sold at his families store. By the time Gianni was 25 years old, he was creating expedient collections for some of the top fashion houses of that time period. By 1978, the young designer founded an Italian clothier he named after himself, and opened his first boutique; today, Versace has 81 boutiques all around the world. The company designs, markets and distributes a wide range of products including luxury clothing, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances, which fall under several brands of the Versace Group. Versace’s signature styles are a part of a wide range of styles that integrates the distinctive Versace Greek print of Medusa or the Greek Key Motif.
Victoria’s Secret
Alluring… Sexy… Glamorous… Innovative… Tempting Victoria’s Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products, dominating its world with modern, fashion-inspired collections, prestige fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows.
Vivien Westwood
British designer Vivienne Westwood (born 1941) is often credited with being the creator of “punk fashions, ” among other trend-setting styles. Vivienne Westwood was born in Tinwhistle, England, in 1941. Following just one term at the Harrow Art School, Westwood left and trained to become a primary school teacher. She earned her living teaching until she crossed paths with Malcolm McLaren, the man behind the punk rock group The Sex Pistols.Under McLaren’s guidance and influence, Westwood slid into the world of youthful fashion, which reflected the turmoil of those rebellious times. She was responsible for mirroring and outfitting the social movements characterized by the growing segments of British population known as the Teddy Boys, Rockers, and, finally, the Punks.
Via Spiga
Via Spiga takes its name from a legendary street in Milan. Our shoes are steeped in a heritage of pure Italian designs, leathers and materials. Today’s Via Spiga delivers sleek and architecturally inspired styles, bringing luxury fashion within reach. The entire collection has a feel of ampul femininity, for women who like to command attention when they walk down the street as well as the street is not in Milan.
Viviana Soppeno
Argentine passport, but of Italian origin. Blood caliente to the rhythm of tango and creativity made in Italy. Here are the winning cocktail Viviana Soppeno, blonde stylist Argentina after years of working quietly exploded in the last parade of Milan women’s collection by March. The collection that was presented a spectacle more than a parade. Entangled pairs dancing the tango. Among these, the model girlfriend Valeria Mazza. Not bad for a first job ‘public’ Viviane who confesses a passion for pr??t-?�-porter. “I liked the idea of creating something more casual, wearable and even more marketable. I like to dress the most sportsmanship. ” And with clothes more ‘commercial’. Entrepreneurial choice, as well as style. Fashion rhymes with business, as well as art. Creativity linked to trade.…

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How to Shop Securely Online

Shopping online or through the Internet is more convenient and pleasant than going to the mall. First of all, you do not have to go through the hassle of changing from your comfortable pajamas to a more presentable outfit. You do not also have to deal with the traffic jam and rush along with other shoppers before your item gets sold out. However, you still need to be careful when you are buying things online. Here are some tips that you should know.
Most sites that offer items for sale would ask you to list down your name and information every time you shop. This is for the purpose of not having to re-enter your payment information whenever you have another item to buy in their site. It may seem like a good way to save time, but it would be better to just re-enter your name, address, payment method, credit card numbers, shipping details and other information whenever you buy. There is a possibility that an online store can get hacked and the hackers can get hold of your personal information. Even if you feel secured that the merchants have encrypted the sensitive information, you might not be too sure. Also, stay away from those who ask too personal data like your social security number. Any honest merchant will not need that information when transacting.
Another tip is to avoid email scams. Whenever you receive an email that says that there are new items in their online shop with unbelievable discounts, you should never click on those messages. It would be better if you visit the real website of the merchant’s online shop to see the real updates. You should know that there are a lot of instances where emails are being hacked and it might not be a complicated process for the hackers. They may ask you to click on a buy icon and enter your personal information. Generally, avoid the habit of clicking anything from commercial emails and attached links.
Do not get phished on a fake online shop! This would be a rule that is quite important. A phishing site would be a fake website that mimics a legitimate commerce or shopping website. When a person clicks on the login button along with his credentials and information, you will find out that you have just given your information to a scammer. To be protected from these hoaxes, it would be wise if you can get a phishing protection in your browser. Different browsers will have different protection software. You can search about them and download the ones that would best fit your browser.
Another tip would be making sure that the order that you have placed in correct. You have to check the information that you are typing and ticking at the website. Check if the quantity of items that you have chosen it correct instead of noticing it when your virtual money has been greatly deducted or when the items have already arrived in your address. Generally, you just have to use common sense to shop safely online.…

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Jewelry Wearing Rules in Working Time

It is essential and necessary to build a good image in our working life, while how to select jewelry and how to match jewelry play an important role in it. If your wear an exaggerate and strange jewelry in working, you may make your colleagues uncomfortable. So we should learn how to choose jewelry that makes you outstanding without ostentatious.

Rule 1: the jewelry we wearing in working time shall abide by the most basic principle that will not interfere with work, so when we choose the jewelry, we should avoid choosing too dazzling and glittering jewelry, so as to adapt to the office’s serious working environment; At the same time, long pendant or necklace is untimely, because it’s likely to be hooked, which not only reduce the work efficiency, also can give others bring troubles.

Rule 2: your whole dressing should give your customer a sense of trust and reliability so as to establish a good relationship and maintain cooperation with customer. So it is suggested to choose solemn jewelry. Taking long earrings for example, it can makes women’s neck more beautiful and show the tenderness of women, but it is not matched with office environment, and it may cause inconvenience in a telephone conversation. So, even if you quite like this jewelry, it’s better for you taking it off before your entering the office.

Rule 3: it had better not to wear jewelry that can make noisy. If your jewelry makes annoying sound when you are in working just like high-heeled in the library when you are reading, which will break the office’s quiet and affects your colleagues’ working emotion. It’s better to take off it immediately.

Rule 4: when we decorate ourselves, we should remember only to make a highlight rather than decorate like Christmas tree hanging too much things. Therefore, in the selection of accessories, we should only emphasize “simple” and “easy” jewelry, which can show you well without any “troubles”.

Next I will introduce three OL jewelry “weapons”.

NO. 1: belt.

In the selection of the accessories, basically we all have to face such a problem – which accessories can make us most outstanding? According to our inertia thinking, it is estimated that many women will answer necklace and earrings. Of course, we can’t say this answer is wrong, but with the H shaped skirt is more and more popular, belts begin to play an important role. In matching, you can choose bright beautiful skirt to display the vitality, and belt should be a feature with sedate, can not only make the waist line is more outstanding, also can increase the sense of balance, avoid too ostentatious.

NO. 2: exquisite stud earring.

Stud Earring is the most classical in the jewelry; it is cheaper than necklace, more outstanding than rings. Such a small and delicate stud earring can bring you charm without disturbing your work. Because of its small size, it has high requirements in texture; plastic earrings are not suitable for office lady’s quality and image, it is suggested to choose platinum gold or silver texture with a small diamond or pearl stud earrings.

NO. 3: brooch.

The color and design of suits we wear in the working time are serious, which is easy to give people an inflexible impression. Our daily wearing the dress not only color are more would be much better, If you pin an exquisite brooch in your suits collar or your chest.…

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Easy Tips on Buying Healthy Grocery Without Exceeding Your Budget

Easy Tips on Buying Healthy Grocery Without Exceeding Your Budget

Today, times are economically cold and harsh. Inflation has swallowed everything. When you go out shopping, you are shocked when you hear the man at the counter say, “Ma’am this pack of beans costs $4.99!!”Why won’t you be surprised when you used to get the same product at $1.50 and you can’t even tell him to price it down!

With food and fuel prices rocketing sky high, it becomes difficult to manage a monthly budget for your grocery shopping. Do you know what that means? When people get worried about food prices, this signifies a trouble in maintaining a healthy diet and that’s not a good sign. However, you can still save yourself from this anxiety by buying healthy and nutritious foods without exceeding your budget. Here is how you do it:

1. When you go out for grocery shopping remember to make a list of items you need, so you drive to a place where you can easily find everything you need. This saves much of your time and effort, and most importantly, you gas expenses, because you wouldn’t have to make extra trips to different convenience stores to shop for things you couldn’t find at one shop.

2. You made up your mind for shopping, made a list of items you need and you are at the store buying them. But, please buy only those products which you need, i.e. the enlisted items, nothing extra. I’ve noticed many people go shopping and come back home bringing extra food items. Well, if you want to maintain your budget, you got to stick with the original plan.

3. It’s a healthy practice to buy generic food products. Besides, they all are the same; it’s only the labels that have separated them. They come at price lower than what the ‘branded foods could cost.

4. It’s about time you subtract processed and prepared foods from your daily diet. Processed and prepared foods, including frozen items are not a very healthy, since they have numerous preservatives and other additives to prolong their shelf life and have nothing natural about them.

5. Buy bulk items, they are more economical than buying individual food packages. Besides you can reserve them to be used in future. It’s never goes to a waste. Just jar them out on in different containers and use them anytime your need calls for it.

6. Always buy fresh fruits and vegetables which are in season. Never go for preserved ones because they are injected with various chemicals which might be harmful for health in the long run.

7. Impulsive shopping is a bad habit. Always shop when you have a need or when you feel hungry. And never buy fattening or sweet products when you are hungry otherwise, you will crash your entire diet plan. Just remember, sweet items including chocolates, sweetened breads, cakes, ice-cream etc. mean extra calories and nothing else.

9. It’s better to purchase items on sale or buy from a sales coupon. Always check for expiry dates on food items on sale. It’s better to buy products which have a longer life and can be stocked up for future. But tell you what, sometimes you find generic items still being much cheaper than name brand foods. So, when buying through a sales coupon, buy items which you think will cost much low.

10. When purchasing dairy products, always buy them from local farmers’ markets. Take my word, you will get fresh products and reasonably priced, plus fewer transportation costs.

11. Shopping can be hectic. So, it’s best to keep a bottle of water with you at all times or some healthy snacks to munch on, in case you feel thirsty or hungry. This way, you wouldn’t be inclined to get yourself something from the store and what I’ve experienced is that people often go for sweet products, buy a pack of chips, or even stop by at candy vending machines. That is so not recommended.

13. If you ask me, it’s better to go for fresh fruits then buying preserved juices. Eating an apple every day and drinking plentiful water is healthier than drinking a glass of preserved juice. Take fruits rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

14. Be less a meat-y person and more a veggie person. Foods with meat tend to be slightly pricier than meatless dishes. You can look for other sources of proteins such as beans and legumes. Go for food recipes that use meat as an ingredient or in lesser quantity such as spaghetti, casserole, or salads for that matter. They not only are pocket-friendly but nutritious too.

If you want to keep a slim waistline, then trim your food bill. Happy shopping!…

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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Pants

All women are always on the lookout for a flattering pair of pants. Pants which are too tight only emphasize your flaws, making a crease and unwelcome bulges. The zipper may be strained and open slightly, making the wearer appear overweight. The perfect pair of pants is one which will cover up flaws and give the wearer a flattering silhouette. We all want to look good and a big part of that is getting the right fit in our clothing.
Before shopping for a new pair of pants, take careful and accurate measurements. This way, you’ll be able to shop for the right size from the get-go. Take a look at this chart to find your size from your measurements; the measurements are given in both inches and centimetres to help you in online clothes shopping.
Size | Waist | Hips
10 (S) | 70cm (27 inches) | 97cm (38 inches)
12 (S) | 75cm (29 inches) | 102cm (40 inches)
14 (M) | 80cm (31 inches) | 107cm (42 inches)
16 (M) | 85cm (33 inches) | 112cm (44 inches)
18 (L) | 90cm (35 inches) | 117cm (46 inches)
20 (L) | 95cm (37 inches) | 122 cm (48inches)
22 (XL) | 100cm (39 inches) | 127 cm (50 inches)
24 (XL) | 105 cm (41 inches) | 132 cm (52 inches)
26 (2XL) | 110 cm (43 inches) | 137 cm (54 inches)
28 (2XL) | 115 cm (45 inches) | 142 cm (56 inches)
30 (3XL) | 120 cm (47 inches) | 147 cm (58 inches)
When you use the chart, always select pants that fit the larger of your waist or hips. For example if you have a 95cm waist and 127cm hips you will need to choose size 22. Regardless of whether the pants fit the waist or not, if they don’t fit through the hips, your derriere will tug the pant leg upward causing the legs to become too short, forming creases or opening the zipper.
Always take your hip measurements at your hip’s widest point. If the tops of your thighs are wider than your hips, then take this measurement here instead to ensure a better fit. Keep in mind that some clothing manufacturers have their own sizing charts, which means you should use their measurements to determine size.
The next step is to take a measurement of your inseam. Your pant legs should be long enough to touch the top of your shoe, but not so long that you will step on them. If you have an inseam of less than 29 inches (75 centimetres), then petite sizes are where you should be searching. If you have an inseam which is longer, then regular sizes are for you – you can always have them re-hemmed if needed. If you have an inseam which is longer than 32 inches (82 centimetres), then tall sizes are what you need.
A gathered waist emphasizes weight so stick with straight pants to disguise a large hip and waist but use a longer jacket length to hide it. In an effort to hide their extra weight, some women select baggy or loose fitting pants. These actually make the person wearing them look larger. Short-legged women can use tiny vertical stripes to make their legs look longer and give the illusion of height. A wide belled bottom actually is best for the longer legged woman.
When you use your exact measurements to purchase pants, you’ll find that you have better luck finding the right fit to flatter your figure. Just make certain that you take the measurements in your normal relaxed mode. These are only for you to see, so if you suck in your stomach and attempt to make them as small as possible, you defeat the purpose and won’t get a good fit and that’s the reason you want the measurements.…

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Photography and Everything Around It

Photography and Everything Around It

Photography is the act of being able to capture pictures and permanently putting them on paper. Photography has one main equipment needed, the camera. Photography was invented in the eleventh century and ever since then photographs have been part of the human life. Because of the popularity of the media the camera gained fame as well. The camera and photography is now considered to be the main source of giving and receiving information on the news.

Different people all over the world use different styles and techniques when it comes to photography. They are classified into the following:

Ads and publicities have been a part of our everyday life. The moment we watch television or read the newspaper, advertisements pop out. These ad companies use what is called as commercial photography. Companies use pictures that are taken creatively to promote a certain product to the general population. This is used because marketing-wise, it really is effective. It informs people what the product is and what it does.

Photography is really important in the designing and fashion industry. Fashion companies hire models to wear their clothes and accessories and a pictorial would be done. The photographer has to be very skilled to be able to bring out the life in every picture. He has to take clear and beautiful pictures but at the same time make sure that the item is emphasized and not the model.

Animals and plants also benefit to photography as well. There are a lot of wildlife shows like National Geographic who focus their attention on observing, studying, and protecting wild life. They get their data mostly with the use of photography.A�A� A�

Humans have a constant desire for art and it is safe to say that photography is a form of art. You can take a lot of photos; it can be an awesome scenery or beautiful landscapes or a hot car or tall buildings. As long as you can keep your imagination running, you can transform everything around you into a nice piece of art.

In conclusion, photography is very useful especially in our era. The modern world would be so boring and flat if not for photography. We are very lucky to have experienced the joys photography can bring.…

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Some Pros and Cons of Shopping Malls

Some Pros and Cons of Shopping Malls

The culture of malls has turned into large business, since shopping malls have become huge structures that house numerous of stores that sell a wide a variety of services and products. These also contain a collection of restaurants and retail shops that are joined by an exclusive pedestrian street or pedestrian areas.

You are very much right to know that there is an array of benefits associated to these huge structures, but little did anyone know that there are some disadvantages to these gigantic structures as well. Let us start off with some benefits first.

One of the most annoying factors to every person who goes to a store in the city is the availability of a parking apace. This factor is a major hassle to anyone who is bringing a vehicle. However, shoppers who go to a shopping mall will not be faced with this problem, since malls provide a wide space for parking their cars, which is even free of charge most of the times. Shopping malls would usually include one or more parking spaces in their design and structure. This would make most individuals go for a mall rather than in an individual shop. During the holidays, families and large group of people with cars may find it very convenient and advantageous to shop in these huge venues instead.

It is also beneficial to shop in a mall because it is a kind of a one-stop entertainment and shopping center. Inside it, you can find all the relevant stores that you might probably need, such as the grocery, a movie house, a craft store, an arcade, apparel and shoe stores and even hardware stores. You can even spend a whole day at these shopping malls, since almost every kind of store can be found here. You can even meet up with your friends and bond over cups of coffee at a caf?� inside. Families can even dine in different restaurants or even in the mall’s food court. If your kids have projects, you would most likely find all the materials they need in the store located inside the mall.

However, one of the major disadvantages of a mall is the excessive crowding, which may be a huge inconvenience for some people. Holidays and special occasions may be the times when a lot of people can be found in these venues. These are times when every person seems to have the same idea to hang out in the same place. People who might find this as most inconvenient are the senior citizens with mobility problems. In case a mall is crowded, you can expect the parking lots to be full as well.

Another disadvantage that you can find in a shopping mall is that when a person intends to shop in mall for a particular item that he or she intends to buy, that person may also find himself browsing and buying some things that he or she does not need in the first place. This would turn out to be an activity where the person may spend too much.…