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Jewelry Wearing Rules in Working Time

It is essential and necessary to build a good image in our working life, while how to select jewelry and how to match jewelry play an important role in it. If your wear an exaggerate and strange jewelry in working, you may make your colleagues uncomfortable. So we should learn how to choose jewelry that makes you outstanding without ostentatious.

Rule 1: the jewelry we wearing in working time shall abide by the most basic principle that will not interfere with work, so when we choose the jewelry, we should avoid choosing too dazzling and glittering jewelry, so as to adapt to the office’s serious working environment; At the same time, long pendant or necklace is untimely, because it’s likely to be hooked, which not only reduce the work efficiency, also can give others bring troubles.

Rule 2: your whole dressing should give your customer a sense of trust and reliability so as to establish a good relationship and maintain cooperation with customer. So it is suggested to choose solemn jewelry. Taking long earrings for example, it can makes women’s neck more beautiful and show the tenderness of women, but it is not matched with office environment, and it may cause inconvenience in a telephone conversation. So, even if you quite like this jewelry, it’s better for you taking it off before your entering the office.

Rule 3: it had better not to wear jewelry that can make noisy. If your jewelry makes annoying sound when you are in working just like high-heeled in the library when you are reading, which will break the office’s quiet and affects your colleagues’ working emotion. It’s better to take off it immediately.

Rule 4: when we decorate ourselves, we should remember only to make a highlight rather than decorate like Christmas tree hanging too much things. Therefore, in the selection of accessories, we should only emphasize “simple” and “easy” jewelry, which can show you well without any “troubles”.

Next I will introduce three OL jewelry “weapons”.

NO. 1: belt.

In the selection of the accessories, basically we all have to face such a problem – which accessories can make us most outstanding? According to our inertia thinking, it is estimated that many women will answer necklace and earrings. Of course, we can’t say this answer is wrong, but with the H shaped skirt is more and more popular, belts begin to play an important role. In matching, you can choose bright beautiful skirt to display the vitality, and belt should be a feature with sedate, can not only make the waist line is more outstanding, also can increase the sense of balance, avoid too ostentatious.

NO. 2: exquisite stud earring.

Stud Earring is the most classical in the jewelry; it is cheaper than necklace, more outstanding than rings. Such a small and delicate stud earring can bring you charm without disturbing your work. Because of its small size, it has high requirements in texture; plastic earrings are not suitable for office lady’s quality and image, it is suggested to choose platinum gold or silver texture with a small diamond or pearl stud earrings.

NO. 3: brooch.

The color and design of suits we wear in the working time are serious, which is easy to give people an inflexible impression. Our daily wearing the dress not only color are more would be much better, If you pin an exquisite brooch in your suits collar or your chest.…