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Buying the Right Engagement Ring

Buying the Right Engagement Ring

Have you made the big decision to tie the knot with the woman of your dreams? Men are usually more agog in preparing for the big proposal “moment” than the actual wedding itself. One of the most important details that entail a big preparation is buying the engagement ring. Of course, you’d only want the perfect diamond that would thrill her no end and make her say a big loud “Yes.”

The engagement ring is as important as the manner of proposing because it becomes the focal point once you’ve popped up the question and even for days after because your bride-to-be will be showing it off to everyone. There are many factors to consider when buying the right engagement ring.

First, you have to set your budget. Knowing how much you are willing to shell out will immediately trim down your choices. Upon entering the jewelry store you can immediately ask the sales clerk to provide you engagement rings within that range of value and from there you can start your selections.

Second, it is best to educate yourself a bit on jewelry and the different characteristics that make an incredible diamond. If you aren’t confident enough to make the assessment yourself, you can ask a friend who’s quite versed with the subject. From your selections, he can suggest which ones are superior to the others.

Third, you have to find out what your fiance-to-be wants in an engagement ring. As we all know, everyone’s taste differs, more so, a man’s to a woman’s. And this you have to do without letting her know about it. You definitely can’t be too obvious and ask her on how she’d want her ring to look like. A few months before the engagement proposal, you can ask her to window shop in jewelry stores and observe the kinds of jewelry that pique her interest. If you’ve known your fiance-to-be well enough, it would be easy to gauge if she’d prefer simple designs to the elaborate ones.

Finally, ask for referrals from your friends on the best and reputable jewelry stores there are around. Check out sale dates so you can save a bit from your purchase without sacrificing what you really want. It can even be possible for you to buy the higher priced item that you set your eye on, during this period because discounts will bring it down to within your allocated budget. Some also offer package discounts when you come back to purchase your wedding rings. Check out promotional pens that shops offer as extra gifts to customers.

The engagement ring shopping process can be made relatively easy and hassle-free even for men who abhor shopping. Ready with the necessary information, your buying decision will come quicker and simpler. You can now, excitedly, go on to the next step of preparing for the engagement proposal, and pull all strings to make it as perfect as the wedding ring you have chosen. Make the engagement proposal an event to remember for everyone. Tokens similar to wedding favors may be given to mark the momentous occasion.