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Fruit on the Move at Select CityWalk Mall, Saket

Fruit on the Move at Select CityWalk Mall, Saket

Exercise, for the best of us, is now limited to crisscrossing shopping malls. More often than not that still leads to some indulgence in the form of a snack as a reward for all the walking around. Serious shoppers take note and smile for a guilt free snacking option awaits you the next time you go shopping.

Taking the concept of healthy snacking to a new high, Fruit Garden offers freshly cut fruits on the go that is bound to make snacking while shopping not only a pleasant but also healthier. Located just off the escalators on the first floor, Fruit Garden offers a range of local and exotic fruits like kiwi and blueberries to choose from. True to its name, the kiosk is as welcome a sight as an oasis in the middle of a desert on a sweltering day!

Fresh Fruits at Fruit Garden

Available in two sizes and with tasty toppings to make it a little more interesting if you so please, Fruit Garden’s simple concept of freshly cut fruits goes a long way when it comes to snacking. One of the biggest grouse that most shoppers have is that when it comes to snacking in the malls it’s always the usual suspects like fast food or the more elaborate Indian snacks like Chhole Bature and the likes to choose. These sumptuous and rather filling foods more often than not turn out to be choosing between the devil and the deep sea. Also unlike a Subway Sandwich picking on pieces of fruit as you shop is far easier and less messy!

The other popular snacking option while shopping is steamed corn, which isn’t unhealthy when compared to Chhole Bature but doesn’t really help the body. Steamed corn is filling enough (approximately 80 calories per serving with negligible amount of fat) but takes longer for the body to process it. When compared a cup of freshly cut raw fruit is 75 calories, depending on the kind of fruit, and surely sounds better than steamed corn in this heat!

Traditional virtues notwithstanding, one usually avoids putting in the effort to peel or chop fruits but you can forget about all the hard work associated with eating fruits and just enjoy their goodness!

Fruit Garden, 1st Floor, Select City walk Mall

About Select Citywalk Mall, Saket

Select Citywalk offers a vibrant, upscale, unique shopping & leisure experience in the heart of South Delhi, Saket. It houses both Indian & International brands under one roof & combines luxury and high street shopping, together with cafes, trendy bistros, authentic cuisines, fast food restaurants and bars.

Saanskriti, a culturally oriented public space, is landscaped extensively in timber, water, stone & steel with an open air amphitheatre, fully grown trees and spectacular water features. It provides a platform for conducting art festivals, fairs, exhibitions, & performances.