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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy – 7 Easy Tips For Dogs and Cats

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy – 7 Easy Tips For Dogs and Cats

Having been a responsible pet owner myself for many years, and having owned breeds like Maltese, pit bulls, cats, rabbits, etc.. I know all to well the joy of companionship and unconditional love of a true best friend that takes on your every mood, and shares even your personality. What would you do if your pet suddenly collapsed or is throwing up constantly, and even have nonstop diarrhea? And yet you know deep in your heart that the reasons are your faults, for not truly keeping your pet healthy. Is that how you show love to your best friend?. Not to worry my friend, let me share with you 7 easy tips to keep your pet healthy, friendly and a loving companion to you.

First tip is to always, always bathe your pet or used wipes if they can not be bathed, at least once a week. Even if you keep them inside. Just like human skin, their skin has bacteria growing, germs growing, and hair follicles falling out, along with sweat glands secreting. So all that need washing out or wiped off, and the dry skin needs moisturizing to avoid hitch. Remember you are kissing this animal fur daily and it is going in your mouth, and then you are kissing others.

Second tip to keep your pet healthy is to never buy the dry foods with all the colors in them. To get those colors the companies fill them with chemicals that will harm your favorite pet. Like: throwing up, skin discoloration, hair falling out, lack of energy, etc.. Instead, the more green looking and them more brown looking the better. Remember a healthy pet is a loving pet.

Third tip for your dog and cat is to please, please give your pet their heart worm medicine all year round, once they are more than a year old. Let your doctor / veterinarian show you the nightmarish ravages these worms do to your pet, and how they are slowly killing your best friend who depends on you. Even if you could not afford to get all their shots on time every time, then please get their heart worm medicine. For a sick pet is a melancholy pet.

Forth, always give your pet some form of exercise daily, either inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a set of stairs. Just like humans they too have to exercise for their digestive system to function properly, and they too will have excess calories and fat that need to be burned off, so they could stay healthy and be your best friend for a longtime.

Fifth tip on how to keep your pet healthy is to keep your pet on a diet, by always balancing their meals with proper nutrition and vitamins put in. Also put them on a regular schedule of eating and potty time, and then put the food away to avoid overeating. Only leave food out if you will be gone all day, and even then have a friend or neighbor check in on your pet. Remember this is a life you have taken in, and who totally depends on you just like a newborn baby.

Sixth tip for your dog and cat: do not go to every veterinarian’s office and get all your medicines and vitamins at extremely high retail prices. I do not blame the doctors, they too have overhead. Please, please go online and do your shopping for food and medications for your pet, and there you can even research the company on how they do what they do. You will be surprised of the up to 50% price reduction that you are not accustomed to. For example you could buy 1 year of Promeris (heart worm medicine) at your doctor’s office for $95.00, yet online, you could get it at $55.00. The more money you save, the more good food and medicine you can buy for your pet and friend who can live longer.

Seventh easy tip is when shopping for your pet online, use Online Shopping Malls, where you could have a whole blanket of stores, all at one website. And where you can compare prices, because a lot of times there are so many pet related stores that you could not think of them all right there. But you are able to see them all at one website, and on top of that those ” online shopping malls ” already worked out with each of these stores, to give to their shoppers that go through them each time, extra discounts from 5 to 40% off.