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Information About The Shopping Malls

Information About The Shopping Malls

The history of the shopping malls is very interesting. These types of public venues date all the way back to Ancient Roman times. Many Roman shopping malls were outdoor venues. Their development has greatly changed over the course of time. These venues started out as simple box like designs, but have morphed into creative and gorgeous works of architecture and art. There are malls that are nothing short of ritzy. Most major malls recommend having a shopping plan before you enter the mall. The most visited mall in the United States is the Mall of America that is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The Largest Malls in the World

Two of the largest malls in the world are located in China. These are equipped with children’s theme parks and wind mills. Many of these have recently been built in Asia due to the fact that it does not cost a lot of money in order to build a mall around there. The cost of labor, materials, and land in Asia is very cheap. There are some shopping malls that have been there for centuries, located in France and in the United Kingdom. Indoor shopping malls did not become popular until the nineteen fifties. The Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky is a truly beautiful one that is easy on the wallet as well as on the eyes.

Interesting Malls Located Across the Country

It would not be the holiday season without a trip to the local shopping mall. They are experiencing more visitors this year than they have in recent years. Business owners hope that this is due to the improvement in the economy. The North Park Center is an upscale mall that displays timeless works of art from artists like Andy Warhol. They have changed the way that business used to be done. More of them are offering entertainment venues to provide the perfect shopping experience to people. At the Houston Galleria, there are even tennis courts and an aquarium. Some of these are even offering full blown water parks to entice families to shop with them. This trend is only expected to increase.

The History and Development of the Shopping Mall

The first shopping mall in the United States was said to open in 1916. Initially, they were big and box like in design. It was not until the nineteen thirties that their popularity really took off. Most malls are built away from the downtown shopping area of most cities. The parking lots or garages are very large to make sure that all shoppers are accommodated. Most malls in the United States contain hundreds of shops, stores, and boutiques. The indoor mall in northern New Jersey that is currently under construction has plans to build an indoor ski resort. Millions of people visit malls across the world each and every year. Only time will tell what the future will hold for the shopping malls. Most of these are adding special amenities and features to help them stand out.